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    I've got a couple things I want to send on to family members that are on my TIVO. They don't have TIVO, so I wanted to either burn a DVD or just put them on videotape.

    I pulled the TIVO file down using the TivoDesktop, then burned it to a DVD and the soundtrack was not synced with the video on the screen. I used the tivodecode utility to convert it from a TIVO to a MPG file which I then burned to a DVD.

    So, since that didn't work (I don't know why), I just wanted to hook my TIVO directly to a VCR and record the show onto a video tape. Should this work? What's my best option for getting this done?

    Thanks. Sorry for the rudimentary question.

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    This rudimentary question can be answered in the manual, if you still have it. :)

    Connect the red/white/yellow lines to the VCR, select that VCR input as the source, then press play on the TiVo and record on the VCR.

    BTW, you really should remove your email address from your signature, unless you like getting spam. :D

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