Fringe - Neither Here Nor There **Spoilers**

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    Hey thanks for your insight and your descriptions of everything...great job!!

    Loved the episode! You can see the subtle (or not so subtle) differences in Olivia and Walter. The show is just so well written that even stuff that in reality make no sense....i.e. now three timelines and trying to keep them straight, is well thought out and make you forget the implausibility of something like that happening. It's the little subtle things that make it. Loved Lee's reaction when he saw the zep fly overhead when he was in the "walternate" world. Can't wait for the rest of this ride.

    BTW....has this show, like Lost did, announced a definite ending date? For some reason, this season is starting off as possibly the last, and it feels like they will try and tie things up (as much as any JJ Abrams show ties anything up).
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    I thought they put waaaay too much character backstory into Sheppard's character just to kill him off.

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