Freezing during playback causes signal loss on HD channels

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by WhiskeyTango, May 31, 2011.

  1. WhiskeyTango

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    For the last few weeks I've been having problems while watching recordings on my TivoHD. There are two scenarios that have come to be:

    1.) While watching a recording, the Tivo will freeze for a second, then play for a second, rinse and repeat several times. After a few seconds, playback resumes normally with no other side effects.

    2.) While watching a recording, the Tivo will freeze for upwards of 15-20 seconds, then resume normally. Side effect being, that freeze causes the Tivo to lose the signal on both tuners but only those tuned to an HD channel. SD channels are unaffected.

    It seems this freezing is taking place on all recordings. When the picture freezes, the unit becomes unresponsive to the remote. Pushing buttons during the freeze results in multiple functions being performed when the unit resumes or a complete reboot. One other issue of note, on occasion, a recording will pixelate and then lose the signal completely, regardless of what else is being done with the unit. i.e. I recorded Meat and Potatoes on Food Network HD last night. When I went to watch today, the recording was only 5 minutes with the above mentioned symptoms. I haven't noticed any problems with live tv or reboots.

    My initial thought, of course, was the hard drive. But in the last few months I've had problems with my internet connection dropping daily. The internet has been fine for the most part recently but now this problem with the cable signal has crept in. What do you think, HD or signal problem?
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    I'm currently having very similar issues with my Tivo HD, and similar suspicions about the causes, (along with giving my external drive a little bump). I actually didn't think the little bump was all that bad, but maybe it was.

    What grabbed my attention here was the HD recording/playing issue here. I actually don't have much trouble with the playback, though it has happened, quite similarly to yours. My issue is with mainly with live playback of HD shows. Seems whenever I'm watching live tv, the picture will eventually freeze, only to become "unstuck" when the station is changed. Happens only with HD shows, cable and ota. Never with sd material, never. I imagine HD shows that are being recorded when this happens are the ones where the playback issues happen. The couple of times it happened during playback, the Tivo becomes unresponsive to the remote for a couple of minutes, then seemingly tries to execute any commands that were initiated. No rebbot issues either, but I did intentionally do a reboot today to see if that would help. It did not help.

    I realize there is always the possibility that my issues are related to my external drive, but curious that only HD signals are affected. Basically been running for 3.5 years with this setup, without issue.

    Oh well, even though I'm not ready for a new drive, I did order one just in case, a 2 TB Hitachi "green" drive from newegg for $70, ($60AR).

    Anyone know how long it would take the kickstart diagnostics, to run on 2 TB(1TB int, 1TB ext)?
  3. sj-blee

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    Apr 2, 2006
    I am currently having the exact problem with my TivoHD - it freeeze up when I tried to watch or record HD channel. Did you problem get resolved with a new hard drive?

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