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    Nov 4, 2016
    FOX Channel messed up. It all started around September 19th 2016. the premier episodes of some of my FOX shows, Gotham, Lucifer, Brooklyn 99, etc. recorded, then stopped. i didnt think anything of it thinking some of them were preempted due to sports or something. then it hit me about mid October that i should be seeing some of my shows. i then noticed that i had somehow taped Xena Warrior Princess for some reason. i checked it and it was my show! so i thought something was screwed up and checked my one pass. Cant remember but my channel i wanted it to record to wasnt there or i opened it to ALL. regardless, it never recorded again. Frustrated i checked MESSAGES and saw the "Connect to Tivo" that didnt work. several calls to Comcast and Tivo, several power up/downs, guided setups and nothing. so i filled out the Wrong Channel form and hope for the best. I have had to set up streaming for VOD but now i sit through commercials. Ugh! Stone Age! Anyone else with this?

    Example: Comcast Warsaw/Akron Digital channel 9 is supposed to be FOX. the Tivo guide shows old tv shows like Black Sheep Squadron, Star trek, Xena Warrior Princess, etc. but when you click on it, it shows the FOX programming. Tivo's One Pass wants me to record shows on a channel that Comcast syas i dont have, 340. which displays the right programming guide. FUBAR'ed right?

    ive included 3 photos. 1) is what TV Guide says i should have. 2) is what Tivo's guide says i should have. 3) is what Comcast says i should have. 4) Is my actual TV showing the Tivo Guide with Daniel Boone supposed to be playing but Hollywood Access is actually on. A FOX show. Also something to note is the programming being displayed is H&I.

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    Well, I'm having trouble with my Fox Channel again as well. While not exactly the same as what happened in my other thread, Show Recording on Channel Not in List, it is strange that all my Guide issues have rotated around this one channel.

    Last night, I received a message on my TiVo that Channel 505 (WTTG-DTV) was being deleted. Channel 5, the SD version of the channel, is still present. If I change to channel 505, I can still watch it, however, the Guide displays that it is "To be announced".

    Attached is a photo of the Guide on my TiVo. I've filed a Lineup Issue with TiVo.

    - Merg

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