FLASH Was able to turn off 3 of the ring LED"S!

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    Was pushing the blue ring buttons to find a combination that would turn off the LED's and found that if I hold down the left LED button then press the right one, the LED went off!:up: Tried the same for up arrow and down arrow and they went out also! Just have to figure out how to get the left one off.
    So now all I have is a "new moon" showing.
    That helps quite a bit.
    I was in the main menu when I did this..
    There is always a "back door" for hidden diagnostics and key strokes for "Tech Support" gurus left by programmer's.;)
    If I find the magic key stroke(S) needed to extinguish the last LED, will post it.
    If anyone discovers it, please post.
  2. krweby

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    Dec 7, 2007
    I was only adle to turn off the top one and right one doing this. How did you get the bottom one to turn off?
  3. leres

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    Awesome! I always turn off the LEDs on my HR20 so I can tell when it reboots; now I have a way to detect reboots on my new THR22.

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