FIOS TV pixellation fix - attenuate to SNR 31

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by AbMagFab, Nov 19, 2007.

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    PooperScooper Member

    Aug 22, 2007
    Leominster, MA


    Thanks for the reply. The signal level for the affected channels is at 45-50% depending whether the SNR is 29 or 30.

    I'm going to replace the cable run to the Tivo with RG6 (can't tell it the current cable is RG6 or not, there's no markings and). After that and still no solution I'll contact Verizon.

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    ah30k Well-Known Member

    Jan 8, 2006
    This thread is very old about a problem that has since been fixed in software.

    There were many many people experiencing serious problems and they were all fixed with a sw update. To my knowledge, no one is using attenuators any more.

    I suggest you start a new thread if you are having problems.
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    shamilian Member

    Mar 26, 2003
    Your signal level is too low should be at least 70%. If it is about these levels for all channels then you need to boost the signal level/remove splitters. If it is only a few channels then it could be a bad connector.
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    barrett14 New Member

    Aug 20, 2013
    Can a high signal strength also cause problems with your internet connection as well? I found out I am having this issue with my new Roamio, and wondering if it can explain my intermittent internet connection. (Charter has been unable to fix it)
  5. whm

    whm New Member

    Jul 30, 2010


    I am having an issue with pixelation on my Premiere XL. The picture will will get blocky or even "shimmery" if you can imagine that. The sound will stutter in and out. During this, sometimes the pixlated pitcture will freeze for a few seconds.

    I purchased the first box in 2010 and last April/May (after 2.5 years in service) the picture started to pixelate intermittently. At first very minor glitches that were short and barely annoying, but after about a month the pixalation episodes began to occur several times per hour and would last 30 - 60 seconds. I called tech support and they said it was that my hard drive was failing. I read about the kickstart codes somewhere here and ran the hard drive test. It did fail one of the tests, but also was still running after 2 days. I finally unplugged and tried to reboot the box, but it was stuck in an endless "welcome" screen loop. I had purchased an extended warranty and used that to replace the failed box. TiVo, as expected, sent me a refurbished unit in early June.

    This box has been in service for a little more than 100 days. There were a few very minor glitches in the picture during the first 90 days, (nothing alarming) but just after 90 days the "pixelation episodes" started again with this box. They have gotten just as bad as the last box, lasting about 30- 90 seconds and occurring about 2-4 times an hour.

    I called tech support at TiVo to try and find out if there might be ANY other reason for this to occur besides a bad hard drive. They had me look at the diagnostics. They were as follows:

    Tuner 0: SS=67; SNR=33 dB; RS Corrected=0; RS Uncorrected=0
    Tuner 1: SS=85; SNR=36 dB; RS Corrected=0; RS Uncorrected=0

    They told me the SNR on tuner 1 was a bit high (I never thought a high SNR was a bad thing), and suggested I try replacing the cable card. I did that last Saturday. Now I’m getting readings of signal strength at about 67 - 70 on both tuners and SNRs of about 33-34 and RS all zeros on both tuners, but yet the pixelation is still occurring.

    There is a splitter to the cable modem that I have not tried replacing yet but will. Does this sound like a bad hard drive or something else? I have another extended warranty on this box, but no sense replacing the box again if it’s something external to the box. Just seems odd that when I replaced the box back in June, it seemed to work fine for a while and is now doing this and getting worse. It seems that if it was the splitter, cable or even the cable card, the new box would have immediately had the same problem as the old box.

    Any ideas what to try next before trying to exchange the box? (oh actually I am on Comcast, not FIOS)
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    A high SNR is a good thing, assuming that what they measure really is a proper signal-to-noise ratio. It sounds like you did indeed have a bad drive earlier, and some of your symptoms sound like that could be happening again. However, not all glitches are caused by your equipment. If you have signal lock and program lock and zero RS errors of either type (or maybe even some corrected errors), you are receiving perfectly the transport stream being sent by the transmitter, and any pixelation you see must be a part of the signal being sent. IOW, under those circumstances the picture glitches had to occur prior to transmission. Keep investigating.
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    Jan 25, 2017
    Is anyone else still having issues like this? I'm a newish Bolt owner and I seem to be getting choppy streaming from my Verizon FiOS service that I never had when I was using their STB.
  8. JAB

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    Apr 27, 1999
    I do not typically see any significant choppiness on FiOS. Rarely, I'll get what looks like a dropped frame or two. Somewhat consistently on CW, there will be intermittent digital audio problems that manifest as audio choppiness or static. None of these problems have risen to the level of me wanting to do something about them, and I'm pretty picky.

    Where are you located?

    Have you checked the metrics mentioned in this thread to ensure you don't have a signal strength (too low or too hot) issue?
  9. ChurchillWS

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    Jan 25, 2017
    I have checked against the numbers in this thread and it is possible that the signal is too hot, but it doesn't seem like the attenuators change any of the numbers when they are inserted, but the reception does get choppier if it is attenuated too much, e.g., 20DB+.

    It also doesn't seem to be consistent as sometimes we can watch without issue, but sometimes it is unwatchable. I think it mostly affects the big networks NBC, Fox, ABC. I don't remember having too much of an issue with the premium channels or channels like FX or USA too much.

    I am in the NYC market.
  10. JAB

    JAB TiVoist Emeritus

    Apr 27, 1999
    OK. I'm in DC market, so you might have an issue that wouldn't affect me.
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    RMSko Active Member

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    Bumping this thread. I'm in the NY area and have FiOS and a Bolt and have bad pixelation on HD CBS. My SNR is 36 so perhaps I need to drop that a bit. Anyone having this issue or have any thoughts?

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