FiOS Streams via Roamio?

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by Agrajag, Mar 16, 2019.

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    I'm contemplating a switch from Comcast (ugh) to FiOS once it goes live here, but wonder how their cablecard compares to the one from Comcast. I understand I lose OnDemand, but hope there's enough support for network apps to overcome that annoyance. The other question is, does their cablecard support as many streams (how many?) as the Comcast cards? I believe I get four streams now with my setup and would hate to go lower.
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    Interesting, 245 posts and you are not aware that it is the Tivo model which determines how many channels/tuners you have available. It sound like you must have a 4 tuner model, perhaps one of the Premieres, the base Roamio, or standard Bolts.
    I think Comcast offers Netflix as part of their packages, but don't know the details. Fios, either Verizon or Frontier do not offer that, but the apps on the Tivo are the same regardless of the ISP.
    Almost all current cable cards are capable of up to 6 tuners, but your Tivo DVR has to match that. The 6 tuner models are the Roamio Plus and Pro, and the Bolt+ models.
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    Verizon uses Motorola CableCards, but they are 6 stream cards, just like the ones Comcast uses.

    Verizon has, in my experience, been great about CableCard support. They brought the cards, installed and paired them with no problems (a brief issue with HBO was solved within minutes).

    No, you don't get On-Demand from Verizon, but all the channel specific on-line services authenticate with Verizon (so you get access to things like free on-demand content from Fox, TBS, HBO, Showtime, etc. via their apps), although only HBO GO is currently on the TiVo itself. The rest will need a streaming device of some kind.

    I've had FiOS since it was lit up here in Bergen County (2007) and have had only 2 outages, both under a half hour. I highly recommend it for anyone that can get it.
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    FiOS TV with TiVo Roamio/Cable Card? - Verizon FiOS | DSLReports Forums ;-)
    Also, if you're only getting 4 tuners on your TiVo with your Comcast cable card, then something's not right. As others have said on both sites, the switch is a breeze. The only downside is that Comcast provides the cable card for free, where Verizon charges you $60/year (broken up in 12 monthly installments). Overall the new customer discounts you will be getting will more than make up the added cost. The switch is a piece of cake. The installer will swap out the old card, pull up the pairing ID on the new one, activate it via an app on his phone and then you will need to re-run guided setup. It couldn't be any easier. The hardest part is, in all honesty, learning the new channel numbers.
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    Actually Comcast is $10/card, the first one is free. Fios is $5/card including the first one.
    Comcast has an Xfinity app for TiVo providing access to on demand content. Fios doesn’t have a TiVo app.
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    Not quite exactly accurate. Comcast charges $9.95 for additional digital outlets beyond the first that's included with your service (ADO). That includes either a cable box or a CableCARD, but with the CableCARD you get a $2.50 customer-owned equipment credit so the end result would be $7.45 for additional outlets with associated CableCARDs beyond the primary.

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    Unless the OP has a Roamio Basic, which only support 4 tuners (either cable or OTA but not both). While other capacity cablecards were made in the past, I have to believe that all the M-Cards in the field now are 6 channel cards.

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