Finally Installed Cable Cards In my HD TiVo

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by MacerX, Jan 18, 2008.

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    Armstrong Cable Near Pittsburgh, PA

    Well I was pretty worried about the HD TiVo cable card installation and for good reason. When the cable guy showed up, he mentioned that their last HD Tivo took 1 guy 2 hours and then 3 guys another 6 hours the next day and he wasnt sure that it was working 100% when they left.

    He brought several cards just in case. I had printed detailed instructions off the web, that turned out to not be detailed enough. We stepped through the process for the first card and the tivo did a hard boot, but in about 30 minutes we had the first card/tuner working.

    Then we put in the second card and that's were things began to go really wrong. The tivo menu backgrounds disappeared and the second tuner would not work, I searched through several menus for a clue. Finally, we took out the second card only to find out that the first tuner was not working anymore either.

    I soft-booted the TiVo and it came back up with the first tuner working again. That's when I looked at the second card again and noticed that it had M-Card printed on. I thought I remembered reading that M-Cards where multi-stream or dual tuner cards, but I wasn't sure because it was Motorola and could simply have been their brand.

    Armstrong tech support and sales and my installer swore up and down that they didn't have any multistream cards yet. A quick internet search took me from from about 25% confidence to about 75% confidence that the cards he brought were multi-stream.

    I went back and exited the setup menu and hit the liveTV button that switches between tuners and BAM, two tuners! I recorded on both simultaneously to be sure and it worked great!!!

    Now my costs go down too, because I only have to pay the digital connection and HD fee for one card instead of two. I had a big argument with them about this a month before, which is why I hadn't had the cards installed yet in the first place.

    Pretty cool stuff! Depending on how my bill turns out, I may get one more HD TiVo for the theater later this year, but I will wait a while.
    I had the cable guy out the door in about an hour total.

    My cable guy was very polite and seemed a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. If I hadn't thought about the card being multi-stream, we could have been there all day.

    I hope this helps somebodey else that has Armstrong Cable or otherwise.

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    I would love to get another HD Tivo, but Armstrong charges me 7.95 per card -- not per TIVO -- per card. They couldn't tell me what they were charging me for -- at various times they said 1. Service for the cablecard, 2. rental of the cable card, 3. Activation of the card, 4. Programming the card.
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    You should have a rate chart for your franchise. If not, I would get one to compare what they are charging you.

    Comcast in our area has reasonable rates regarding additional digital outlets and cablecards. $3.00 for each additional digital outlet which includes the 1st cablecard. If you have an older S3 which requires 2 cablecards, the second cablecard is only $1.75.

    $7.95 per cablecard does not seem to be a reasonable charge for the cablecard alone.


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