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  1. qwertyasd

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    Aug 19, 2001


    Well I've finally upgraded to HD with a Philips 50 inch plasma. Now it's time to feed it correctly. My modified DSR6000 (going strong for nearly a 3/4 of a decade) is OK, but definately doesn't do justice to the TV. DirecTV is installing an HD20 for free. I understand I'm going to hate it because of the lack of dual buffers. Hopefully D* will fix this.

    Here's a few questions:

    Cables- I notice that HDMI cables on eBay are a lot cheaper. I suspect that it's because they bypass the royalties that more legitemate companies must pay. I don't like junk cables, but also don't buy into the monster cable hype. Is there a source for cheap, but good cables. Is length a significant factor (10 ft vs. 15 ft.)?

    Mods- Can any mods be done to these? 200 hours seems like a lot, but I figure HD recordings could eat up a lot of that pretty fast.

    PS- Before flaming me for not searching, remember that I was on this board counting down to the release of dual tuners while you were in high school. ;)
  2. temp357

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    Feb 18, 2004
    goto monoprice.com for all the cables you need. best prices i've seen
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    Feb 25, 2004
    Livermore, CA
  4. TyroneShoes

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    Sep 6, 2004
    If you mean HR20, there are plenty of reasons to hate it other than a lack of dual buffers. As it seems to turn out, the more you were in love with the Tivo interface the more you will hate it, and the more you just didn't ever see what all the hype about Tivo was all about, the more you will accept the HR20. It does have a better OTA tuner, which helps in iffy reception scenarios (and M4, of course). Just my guess, but I think it is extremely doubtful that it will have dual buffers any time soon, if ever.

    There are royalties for cables??? Seems a bit ridiculous, but there are royalties for CDRs, so I guess ridiculous might be the order of the day. If you are going to install it once or twice and not move it around much, the cheapest cable you can find will work as well as the most expensive one for digital signals. The rap on cheap cables is that they can degrade analog signals, but HDMI obviously does not have that issue, so cheap is good in this case. The 12-footer bundled with the HR10 seems pretty hardy, and works flawlessly.

    Mods yes. But the 200 hours is probably SD hours. The HR20 and the HR10 stock can only hold about 30-35 hours of HD. For me that can mean a complete fill up on a busy week with a lot of stuff in it. Check with the HR10 upgraders such as PTVUpgrade or 9th Tee to see if there are upgrade paths for the HR20 yet. They are also probably the best source (but most expensive) for a capacity upgrade. You could do it yourself, but avoid off-the-shelf drives. PVRs need cool-running drives with sustained throughput capability rather than those with high burst throughput stats.
  5. qwertyasd

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    Aug 19, 2001


    Yes, it's an HR20. I don't use the dual buffers much, but my daughter is a dual buffer wizard. I'm sure she'll hate it. As long as it has something like season passes and a list of recorded shows, I'll be fine.

    What are my alternatives? I've heard that for full HD, I need to receive the MPEG channels and only the HR20 gets them.
  6. bonscott87

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    Oct 3, 2000
    You should check over at DBSTalk.com for all the details, it's a sister site to this one. It has a few forums dedicated to just the HR20. And DirecTV.com has a tour of the box.

    Mods - You can plug in an eSata external hard drive for more storage should you need it. It's an unsupported feature right now but active. It replaces the internal drive currently. There are several people who have plopped in two 750 gb drives in a raid enclosure for 1.5 TB of space. That should satisfy just about anyone.

    Yes it lacks dual buffers but has all the common DVR elements that all DVR's have. Season passes (called series links), basic wishlists (called simply a search), To Do list, a series link manager, My Playlist for your recorded shows (with folders) and so forth.
    Yep, the interface is different from Tivo. I personally "got it" after 5 minutes of use and now love it and much prefer it over Tivo. If you'll like it or not will be all up to your personal preference.

    But as time goes on you'll have no choice as all HD from DirecTV over the sats will be in MPEG4 and will require this receiver, the Tivo's cannot get the MPEG4 channels or the sats they are on. Your Tivo will still function just fine for SD programming and OTA (assuming the HR10).
  7. MikeMar

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    Jan 7, 2005
    I have the HR20 coming Friday and can't wait to get some HD going (getting the HD dish then too)

    that said, with lots of people having problems w/ the hr20, we have 2 regular series 2 that will be recording exactly what the hr20 records in other rooms as a backup to everything :)

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