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    Hi Everyone:

    I am back using Tivo again. I began back when they were first used with Directv. Just dumped them after 15 years. I am tired of paying a lot of $, and not recieving all HD channels that are out there. (ie: BBC America, QVC, Bloomberg, Nat Geo Wild, etc) Time Warner carries them all. Now with Tivo, it's great! Hope my cablecard lasts! By the way, does anyone agree that there should be a Favorite Channel button that would list the top nine channels you watch? (A screen pop) Directv had that. It was very nice and handy. Tivo, are you listening? :)
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    You can define favorite channels and filter the Program Guide to show only them (On the TiVo HD at least). I've noticed this slows down population of the Guide display on scrolling -- it must be scanning all the channels and selecting the favorites.
  3. jrtroo

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    Could be interesting.

    However, if you effectively timeshift your shows from season passes or wishlists, a favorite button would lose most of its meaning. I have little clue when things are on, and never surf live TV anymore, so I'm not sure how it would be helpful in the end. My surfing is to "surf" my Suggestions list, not live TV.

    But, I'm open to hear any strategies where it could be useful when timeshifting.
  4. WhiskeyTango

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    Over the next week or so with the new fall tv season a favorites list can make it easier to set up new SP's for the new shows.
  5. steve614

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    Yep. Go to the channel list under settings and thumbs up only the channels you want as favorites. Then while the guide is up, hit enter to bring up guide options. Next to Channels, select Favorites.
    Being able to do this is great. I receive about 58 OTA channels, 40 of which I will never watch.

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