FAQ: How does the Feb 2009 digital over-the-air transition affect my Tivo?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by Stephen Tu, Apr 30, 2008.

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    He can't, because he only has 1 post to his name. The forum doesn't allow links until you have a certain number of posts, which is a good thing, as it reduces spam.
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    name could be googled
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    Am I too late to jump in? Comcast went all digital cable on April 1st of this year. I'm not sure if that was their idea of an April Fools Joke, but it has really messed us up. We have 3 TVs. 1 is an HD Tv with an HD Tivo, so no troubles there. TV #2 is not HD, but we had a Series 2 single and a Series 2 dual tuner on that TV. We just switched the TV back and forth between Video 1 and Video 2 depending on which TV we wanted to watch. So, essentially we had 3 Tivo Tuners on that TV. We have 3 kids who like to record a lot of shows and watch them over and over again. Since the upgrade, we ended up buying another HD Tivo for that TV (dual tuner). So, we are all set there. On TV #3 we just have a Series 2 single tuner, but thought about switching to the dual tuner just for the sake of having more hours. We didn't switch it yet, but we're still trying to get that darn converter box from comcast to work. If you even mention Tivo to them, they tell you that you need to either upgrade your TV or you need to use their fabulous DVR. We tried it for a bit and hated it. Returned it right away. Still, even with the converter box, some channels don't work through the Tivo. Also, some channels work through the other video input through the TV tuner, but not on all channels. Am I doomed to buy another HD Tivo now? Why can't Tivo offer a trade in for my non HD Tivo?

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    Get a regular cable box, split cable to it and the cable box and set up as normal. You will get a few channels on the analog tuner, and everything from the box (you subscribe to).

    TiVo does not offer a trade in program, because quite often the old hadrware has nearly zero value.
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    burbank, ca


    So what does everybody think about Tivo taking away the channels on the Series 1? Personally, I think it's disgraceful.

    I have a series 1 with a lifetime service and it would change the channels on my Apex digital box just fine, but Tivo decided to take it upon themselves to erase all the channels on MY tivo so that I can't choose programs to record anymore. To me that's just dirty pool.

    They weren't planning on upgrading the software on MY tivo, but they took time out of their day to delete the channels on MY tivo, shameful.

    I called Tivo and mentioned that I had a lifetime subscription and do you know what the jackass said to me? He said "we didn't mean YOUR lifetime", what a moron.

    Doesn't Tivo realize that even though you might assume that an appliance has a certain lifetime, that it can actually go on working forever? way past MY death, and even then, the subscription would still work, of course until Tivo gets wind of my demise.

    I'm a Tivo stockholder, but their stock has never been any good, because they practice such shady business tactics. I think I'll sell it tomorrow, just to get rid of it.
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    Nov 9, 2003
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    They (TiVo) didn't, The broadcasters took their analog channels off the air, and Tribune (TiVo's guide data source) de-mapped them from their lineups. Why would they keep stations mapped that are not their anymore?
    Yes, but they are fulfilling their part of the bargain for service, and it still works like it should. It just so happens that most analog broadcast channels aren't mapped. As I said, it is not a TiVo issue.

    You also need to realize, like TiVo does, that standards change, platforms need abandoned for new, and some new standards cannot be met old hardware (not exactly relevant to the Series 1, but the second one is especially though)
    I wouldn't call it shady. They specifically said that there would be nothing for the Series 1s WRT to the digital broadcast transition, and have hand numerous offers to transfer Product Lifetime to new boxes. It is not their fault you never took them up on it.
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    Hi all, I am a new member of forum
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    Hi, I'm new here with a question. I also have a Series 1 TiVo which I have connected to a converter box which is then connected to an antenna. I am not paying a subscription fee and only use the TiVo as a recorder (and am surprised to see how many actually do the same thing).

    I have the TiVo set for channel 3 and the converter box set for channel 4. At the moment, I can tune the TV to channel 3 and I can see what's showing thru the converter box. I can set the recorder manually. I only have channel 4 set as a viewable channel on the TiVo. This means I have to make sure the converter box is set to the channel I want to record or the TiVo will record whatever the converter box is showing. This is manageable only to a certain point.

    I'm scared to reset my TiVo again because I'm scared it will disallow manual recording (based on prior posts) even tho I was able to update my file and reset my time this past June. I've just waited till now to work on this hoping the kinks would get worked out.

    Should I live with it as is? If I reset the TiVo to reflect the converter box will I lose the ability to record? Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Hi satrad/et al - are you having any luck getting program guide data
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    Tivo provides program guides just fine. The final June switch over made it very solid. I have converted over 12 x-cable/satellite friends to OTA and all are very happy.

    I have just identified 'antenna' as the source with the Tivo units and it all syncs great. We get about 38 channels incl. sub channels and all in HDTV.

    I just ask that the new OTA viewers make a payment directly to our PBS stations the equivalent to a one month of their cable bill. One small amount of the money that used to go to cable companies makes a big difference if it can go directly to PBS stations.
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    Have had to change my system, so I not tried this yet.
    Some time soon.
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    Sorry wrong spot :)
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    the new boxes support it right?
  15. classicsat

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    Ontario Canada.
    If you mean by "it" digital OTA TV:

    • All of the Series 3/4 models do directly
    • All the Series 2, except 649 and 542 models, support digital OTA with a box

    Not supported for digital OTA.
    • All Series 1 models (would require software update, won't happen now)
    • Series 2 649/542 models (made to comply with FCC digital tuner requirement, so won't/didn't get update for OTA digital support).
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    Series2 Humax DRT800 with DVD recorder works great with the digital OTA over the air signal. Since the conversion, I am getting more channels and they look great. My Humax Tivo doesn't do HD, but it translates everything into standard definition. I'm using the Insignia converter box from BEst Buy as there was a lot of good reviews for it.

    What I did was to run the cable from the antenna to the DTV converter box, then RCA cables from there to the Tivo, RCA cables from Tivo to TV set.

    Using the IR Blasters taped to the DTV convert box. Works fine.
    Since the TV will actually display HD, I am going to run an antenna cable also to the TV directly, just in case I ever want to watch live TV in HD. Of course that will add the complexity of having to change the input source on the TV, but oh well, it's not that hard.

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