Fan not working and then no signal strength

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    I have a Roamio OTR and the fan was making a very load noise for a few days so I unplugged the TiVo for a while and plugged it back in. I didn't hear the fan but everything worked for about a half an hour the screen went blank in the middle of a show and said searching for signal. My recorded shows and apps still work. If I plug antenna directly in to the tv it works fine. Is the fan is not working related to the signal loss? If I replace the fan will that bring back the channels or is the tuner in the TiVo bad? Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    If the fan has failed, it's hard to determine if the damage is repairable. Find System Information. Item MBT. what is the value? Normal is around 40C, and will vary with room temperature. Remove the case carefully and find a thread in the Roamio forum on changing the fan. It's not simple. See: Where to get roamio basic or OTA cooling fan replacement
    Inside Roamio:
    Good Luck.

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