Famous tv actors in small, one off roles

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    Mannix really got a deal, hardly anyone's there, he strolled right up to the front. Diamond was on the cusp of greatness and had a few hits at the time, with two albums under his belt. This helped his ascent I'm sure, although this article seems to think he was already there.

    "By October 1967, Neil Diamond had scored five top-20 hits since the previous August, including “Cherry Cherry,” “Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon,” and “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime.” “Kentucky Woman” would chart the week after his Mannix appearance."

    Joe Mannix Makes the Scene
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    Spotted Hesseman in a episode of Sanford and Son last night.
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    I was planning on binging Columbo once I was done with Mannix but I didn't see it listed in the guide for MeTv any more. Maybe a rewatch of Sanford will be next. I remember when MeTv first launched and I scoffed about who was going to watch that old crap. Well, I do. The Rifleman, Have Gun Will Travel, Maverick, Mannix... I don't think I'm ready to rewatch Gilligan though.
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    I think I saw Columbo listed on Peacock. They have Sanford & Son, as well as Good Times & One Day At A Time (my wife's been watching all of them).
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    Watched an episode of Seinfeld last night called The Summer of George" where Amanda Peet played Jerry's girlfriend. She looked much different yet, you can tell it was her.

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