Fall 07 Update Breaks Recordings - I have proof!

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ddonohue, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Okay, this problem has been discussed all over, most recently here, but I don't think anyone made the connection with Fall 07 so I started a new thread.

    Like a few others, I have previously-fine recordings on my S2 that I can no longer play. I get

    Error playing a recording.

    The Recorder was not able to record this program because there was no video signal on the channel. You may have been trying to record on a channel that you don't receive.

    First off, the error message is ridiculous because the programs were ALREADY recorded - I ALREADY watched them, some more than once. So the video signal thing is off the table. And the recording details, including duration and the size of the files, check out.

    I've talked to Tivo and snooped around here, but everyone immediately jumps to the "bad hard drive" explanation. I now have proof that it's a glitch caused by Fall 07.

    I already deleted most of the "bad" ones, but one is very important and I dug deeper. It's a sporting event I want to keep, a recording from a local origination channel (3:06 partial recording, if that matters) which was working fine for a long time. At some point, it stopped working with the error above. I can't play it on that Tivo, can't transfer it using Tivo Desktop, and can't transfer it to my other S2 or my HD. I restarted, did all the usual quick fixes, and had no luck.

    I was inclined to give up, believing perhaps it really was corruption, when I remembered that I also had the recording on an old drive I pulled out of the box prior to an upgrade. I figured it would pre-date any corruption, so I swapped the drives and powered up.

    Tivo came up, sort of like a time capsule, and my recordings were indeed intact. I played a good twenty minutes of the bad recording, so I thought I was golden. However, this Tivo now did not appear in the NP list of any other Tivo. And it appeared in the dropdown box of Tivo Desktop, but it wouldn't list the recordings. I could ping it successfully, and was able to make a test call, so it seemd okay network-wise.

    The software on this drive was 8.1-something, so I surmised it might be a bit long in the tooth and I forced a call to update the software. I was still thinking the bad recording was corruption, so I didn't realize the danger in doing the update. You can guess the rest - the update finished fine, I restarted, and now the box appears to all the other devices and everything appears to be happy. Except the same recording is now broken! Arrrrrghhhhh.

    The aggravating thing is that I should have known better. Looking back, it seems obvious that the original update was the demarcation point between working and not working. Also, as I noted in another post, I had this exact same problem once before, a year or two ago, and knew immediately that it was an update. In that case, the problem disappeared on its own, so I assume Tivo caught and fixed it.

    So for the time being, I'm stuck. But I hope this helps someone else!

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