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    Hi all,
    After getting both my tivos, routers, ethernet ports, computers fried by a lightning strike on the transformer in front of our house, I've decided to go all wireless. When I got my new tivos, I also ordered the tivo wireless g adapters. I connected everything up and the tivo can call home and get their guide data. The problem is Tivo Desktop and kmttg can't see the tivo's anymore. The tivos also can't see each other. If I connect the tivos up via an ethernet cable, then Tivo Desktop and kmttg work fine. I can see the tivos in the wireless router ip list and the tivo network status screen looks good. Any idea on what could be wrong ? I can't live without kmttg :)
    Thanks, Woody
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    May 30, 2008
    Are your wired and wireless networks on the same IP range and subnet? A lot of routers set up two wireless networks - one on your LAN and one for guests that only has intenet access. In other setups with only one wireless network it's still on a different sub-net. Your TiVos and PC have to be on the same network.

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