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    Nov 26, 2000


    After watching a movie on the Fox Movie Channel a commercial came on for "FXM". I didn't catch everything but it sounded like newer movies than FMC. Thinking it might be a new movie channel I surfed around a bit to look.

    Turns out no. Some bean counter at Fox seems have decided that using the cool "FX' instead of Fox would be a good idea, as would showing commercials during the movies. So 3pm - 3am will be branded FXM while still on the same FMC channel.

    This kinda sucks. I've liked FMC and TCM for years. AMC used to be good till they mangled the movies with cuts and commercials. I'm always so disappointed when a WishList picks up an old movie I've been looking for and only after I start to play it do I realize it was on AMC. It got to where I tell my TiVo that AMC is a channel I don't receive, changing it only when Mad Men or some other series isn't in re-runs.

    So now for half the time instead of showing older movies that are harder to find without commercials they're going to show newer movies that are easy to find elsewhere with commercials.

    This the kind of thing I wish could be fixed when I fantasize about ala carte programming. For the "old" Fox Movie Channel I'd be happy to pay a couple bucks a month rather than have movies chopped up with commercials. Heck they're welcome to all of the ESPN tax I currently pay if they leave it alone.
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    I only watch movies on certain channels. I get Starz and I think there are a couple of other channels which may show commercials but do show the entire movie. I was bored and channel flipping and watched part of Wall-E on a cable channel. Significant plot points were edited out. AGGGGH!
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    Yeah, FXM = FX Movie Channel. It's the dilution of the channel's founding genre in order to get a bigger audience and more advertising money, much like aMC did in 2002.

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