External WD Purple WD20PURZ upgrade - Tivo Bolt issue

Discussion in 'TiVo Bolt DVR/Streamer' started by Kevin Waropay, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Kevin Waropay

    Kevin Waropay New Member

    Jul 20, 2020



    I'm having a Tivo Bolt issue after trying to use an external drive and I'm hoping someone can guide me. Here's what's going on...

    I repurposed a USB/eSata Thermaltake enclosure and put in a WD Purple 2TB drive WD20PURZ into it. I bought a SATA extension cable and it's plugged directly into the drive (yes, i cut a hole in the enclosure to do it). I plugged another SATA cable into the Tivo Bolt after taking it apart and connected that to the extension SATA cable. Yes, my Tivo Bolt is running TE4.

    I powered the external drive first and waited about 10 seconds. Then I plugged in the Tivo Bolt. I get the Tivo Symbol on the TV but, about a minute later, it goes blank and then says no HDMI Connection. The green light on the front of the Tivo is the only light on right now.

    Is this a sign of a bad drive? Do you think I need to write zeros to the drive? Any other suggestions? I might try swapping out the SATA cable I am using???

    Yes, I've used Google and search function to see if I could find someone that had a similar problem but no luck.

    I bought this drive and decided to try it because the first WD internal drive I tried was on the known bad list for TE4. The WD Purple drive was not on the known bad list for the TE4.

    Thanks in advance,
    IT Guy for a long time now
  2. keithg1964

    keithg1964 Ragonk

    Feb 2, 2006
    Was the bolt working with the original drive?
    What happens if you put that drive back in?
  3. Kevin Waropay

    Kevin Waropay New Member

    Jul 20, 2020
    Hi - Yes the Bolt was working with the original drive. I figured it out actually
  4. Kevin Waropay

    Kevin Waropay New Member

    Jul 20, 2020

    I unplugged the Tivo Bolt.
    Then I unplugged the ethernet cable and the HDMI cable.
    The Hard drive was still powered on.
    I plugged the Tivo Bolt in while nothing but the external drive and the coax cable was connected.
    The green light came on. The yellow light started flashing for a little bit.
    I waited about 2 minutes.
    Then I reached around and plugged the HDMI and ethernet cable in.
    It started working and I got the Tivo guided setup screen.

    I am up and running with my WD Purple 2TB drive. Woohoo!

    I just need to retrofit my USB external enclosure with a fan later this weekend with a cutout and a little fancy wiring using the USB B plug on the back

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