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    I am in a somewhat unique position as nearby small mountains block almost all OTA transmissions. I can only get 2 HD channels OTA (PBS and local news station), plus 7 more SD channels (religion, business, retro, redneck, and Spanish TV). BTW, I think my city was the second place they put cable TV in 1948-49 season.

    The Simple TV had the nice option that my brother in Atlanta could hook it up and I could monitor it on Roku and see his channels. Since he lives downtown he can get all the major OTA networks. As stated above the DVR hard drive is purchased separately.

    I deferred the decision since the intro cable fees are not scheduled to end until August 2015. I was hoping Aereo would arrive and simplify my decision. Of course, we know that didn't work.

    I realize that Simple.TV is first a "video server", streaming TV to your internet connected devices. It is secondly a DVR. TiVo is first a DVR, and secondly a "video server". But as I like TiVo products, will I be able to do this one day with TiVo OTA? Any crystal balls or insider knowledge?
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    Someone will have to confirm if TiVo OTA is open to TiVo Stream. However, TiVo OTA represents a poor pricing model compared to the standard TiVo Roamio, which also can tune to OTA channels and can also tune to cable channels, but only ONE or the other, not at the same time. Still this allows for some flexibility should you decide to access channels via cable at some time in the future. Also, I know for certain the Roamio does function with the TiVo Stream.

    One solution is using the TiVo Stream to watch the local channels. However, this will be streamed to a mobile device and if you want to watch it on your HDTV, you will need same cables to do that--UNLESS TiVo Stream has a coming app for something like the Roku. Others would have to confirm that.

    Another solution is to connect the TiVo DVR to a Slingbox. A Slingbox will stream video and audio of a device to your remote location. Sling does have an app on Roku, so this can be displayed on your HDTV like any other app/channel on your Roku. I believe you first have to bring up that stream on your portable device, and then "cast" it to the Roku.

    Others will have some suggestions, so keep checking back here.

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