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    New (4th) season of the Josh Gates show "Expedition Unknown" begins on Travel Channel tonight (Wed. 27th Dec.).

    I didn't find any discussion thread for it, so many no one cares. They appear to have scheduled the episodes out of order, based on the production numbers on their home website. This week and next are Vikings episodes, numbered 5 and 6. I have a treasure-hunting forum looking forward to episode #1 about an old book called "The Secret" which holds clues to buried gemstones (not that New Age wish-fulfillment junk) but I don't know when that one will air.

    (link to www. travelchannel.com/shows/expedition-unknown/episodes converted by forum software)

    got my answer: In the third week, episode #1 airs on January 17th, per this article
    Treasure hunt brought 'Expedition Unknown' host Josh Gates to Chicago
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