Expedition Impossible - Stage 5 - OAD 7/21/2011

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    Anyone still watching?

    I have been and it's kind of growing on me. There are so many people that I'm still thinking of team names. I probably couldn't name more than 3 or 4 individuals. Random thoughts.

    - Morocco is beautiful! I as skeptical of the idea of a whole season being shot in one locale, but I think Morocco is going to work for me.

    - The blind guy is remarkable for what he is accomplishing ... but ... he's totally out of it at any challenge that doesn't involve moving from point A to point B.

    - The drama levels are cranked down several notches from TAR and that's a good thing. Much less artificial "who's gonna win" drama.

    - I like that there is apparently no possibility that you'll stay in the game if you finish last.

    Anyway, I'm not hating it. I doubt it'll last more than one season, but it'll do until Survivor comes back. :)
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    Feb 25, 2006
    It's pretty good for summer. Most of them are pretty likeable, except for the 1 guy in fab 3 who's been sick. He doesn't give his sister any credit for carrying the team.

    I like that they start in groups instead of exactly the time that you arrived--the last place team always seems to have a couple teams starting the next leg with them even if they were an hour behind. That will probably change as it gets pared down.

    Funny how the one team tried to squeeze their map on the skinny girl's thigh, while the other one had the fat guys back. ;)

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