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    I wanted to take a moment and post a success story here since most people only post to complain. :)

    I have owned a series 1 Tivo since 2001 and loved it. I bought lifetime service for it and used it until last year when I bought a new TivoHD. I was taking advantage of an offer Tivo emailed me to allow me to transfer my lifetime service for $299 or $199. I can't remember now, hey its over a year.

    Tivo never Charged me for the lifetime transfer but they also never actually did the transfer. So this December my tivo started complaining that my service was out of date. I had received a years worth of service for free but I also didn't have my lifetime service on my new tivo.

    I called Tivo and explained what I thought had happened and they put me on hold for a couple minutes. When Sam came back he explained that they must have screwed up and if Tivo didn't charge me for the lifetime service switch then it was Tivo's bad luck. All he asked me to do was pay for one month service and then they transferred the lifetime from my Series 1 to my TivoHD.

    So I want to sincerely thank Sam, Michael, and Stephanie for being so great!

    Now I have extra cash to buy another tivoHD. :) (I'm sure that was their evil plan) ;-)
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    I will also say that I had a recent very pleasant experience with TiVo customer service over the hiolidays. My sister gave me her old lifetime Series 2 and I transferred it....and I cancelled service on another one. Granted, these are not difficult issues, but there was < 1 minute hold times in both cases, and the people were very pleasant.


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