Every Season Pass says 'No new episodes'

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    Season Pass and Search by Title can find nothing that is in the Program Guide.

    When we returned from vacation, the TCD648250B in our FR was continuously re-booting. A replacement power supply cured the problem and all appeared well but when we wanted to watch a program which should have recorded a few hours earlier:

    - Now Playing did not list the program
    - To Do List showed nothing due to be recorded
    - Recording History showed all programs as 'This program not recorded because it was no longer in the Program Guide'.
    - Season Pass Manager showed every program as 'No episodes'

    Test 1: Program Guide, select a program, Record this Showing, program goes on To Do list

    Test 2: Program Guide, select a program, Season Pass, program does not appear on To Do list, Season Pass list shows 'No episodes'

    System restarts did nothing to change things so did a Guided Setup.

    Everything went back to normal operation, until today, when the above situation re-appeared.

    This time, Guided Setup did nothing. An hour later and the Tivo is back to having a full Program Guide but Season Passes report 'No episodes'.

    The affected Tivo is Comcast cable, but the other Comcast cable Tivo is unaffected, so no outside influence at work. The cable cards are working fine, all the channels are coming in and viewable.

    The choices other than Repeat Guided Setup become increasingly draconian.

    - Clear Thumb Ratings and Suggestions does not appeal because several years of ownership have fine tuned things to the point where Suggestions are a useful source of programs we wind up watching.
    - Clear Program Info and To Do list deletes all the Season Passes. Season Passes cannot be re-created if the program is not currently being broadcast, so that means many/most of them will have to be re-created as Wish Lists. The number of hours involved is daunting.

    I have searched the archives for a similar problem and found nothing.

    Any ideas and thoughts will be appreciated.

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