Ethernet cable was unplugged (but it wasn't)

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    Yesterday I tried to turn on iHeartRadio and it wasn't working. At first the problem was the Internet so I unplugged the modem and plugged it back in. Eventually, I found an error message saying the Ethernet cable was unplugged. I checked and it seemed fine. I unplugged it from the modem and plugged it back in. On Thursday night everything seemed fine. The one clue I had was that the cable had gotten tangled up with a bunch of wires. I also found a big heavy suitcase on top of it. With all those problems solved, it still didn't work. I tried wi-fi and that didn't work either. I was going to call the phone company when I got time. But I needed to spend the day on the desktop.

    When I tried again later, I tested the Ethernet cable on my Bolt and it worked fine. I happened to remember some advice I was given here for the Bolt: reboot it. That actually worked, though I still got the same error messages until I connected to the TiVo service. only then did the Internet start working again.
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