Error: Not a series 5 and later TIVO drive

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    I am attempting to upgrade my Roamio OTA 10TB drive to a 16TB drive. I copied the 10TB drive (in use for 2 years) using a sector to sector copy to the 16TB drive then used MFStools to expand the TIVO partition (mfsadd -xcm 2040 /dev/sda3). Then ran mfsaddfix /dev/sda3 and entered y to continue. At that point I received the title error message followed by "Signature expected is 9214 but is eb52. Unable to process drive." Both drives work in the Roamio and still show all shows previously recorded but both show a maximum of 1605 HD shows. Is this because of doing the sector by sector copy instead of using mfscopy?
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    I think you got the drive spec wrong. Its usually a letter (/dev/sda) not sd3. You need to use something like ldisk -l size, vendor to determine which drive.
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    It is probably as ThAbtO stated. The commands were not correct. They should be:

    (assuming sda is your TiVo drive)
    mfsadd -xcm 2040 /dev/sda
    mfsaddfix /dev/sda

    I don't think your mfsadd command added anything to your drive because with the failed mfsaddfix command on the drive, I would expect your Roamio to reformat the drive when it was presented it.

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