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    Epix on Sling is $5/month, while Epix Now is $5.99/month. The $5 price point that Sling has Epix is the lowest price I've seen. It includes four channels and On Demand. I've also been able to subscribe to just Epix on Sling without Sling Orange or Sling Blue, as well and Sling provides ten hours of cloud DVR that I can use for The Film Detective, Free Speech TV or some of the free channels it offers.

    Besides the $0.99, is there content exclusive on Epix Now not on Epix via Sling? Is picture or sound quality different. Thanks.
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    This doesn't specifically answer your questions, but you should know that most of the movies on Epix also wind up on Amazon Prime Video after the first 90 days. So if you are a Prime subscriber, there is a certain amount of overlap. Amazon also had a very recent promo (I believe it expired on Sunday) for two months of Epix @ $0.99 per month.

    Another consideration for any Comcast CATV customers is that, if you subscribe to Epix through Comcast (@ $5.99 p.m.), you will get access to the Epix linear channels as well as the full Epix VOD catalog via the Xfinity Stream web portal and streaming app.

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