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    Today marks the official release of Enter Webz, the Internet Apps server for your TiVo DVR.

    The website EnterWebz.tv has simple instructions to show it on your DVR with your "Add an App" (or "Manually Add a Server") feature.
    I'm directing you to the website to ensure you've read cautions and notices before using it

    If you remember apps.tv (R.I.P. 2012), http://EnterWebz.tv is similar.
    Enter Webz (EWz) provides a variety of "thumztaks" (Internet-based services and custom apps) just a few remote control clicks away.

    Once you've added EWz you'll get 4 app entries under "Music & Photos" and 6 app entries under "Showcases & Apps" plus an entry to change which apps show up and a help page.
    These include thumztaks for Video On Demand, News & Weather, Social Networking, Internet Radio & MP3s, Pictures, Comics, Games, and even this very forum!
    It features a quick-loading YouTube alternate interface, and a first-of-its-kind multi-TiVo game.
    The full list of thumztaks is below.

    A unique feature of these apps is they support the Picture-in-Picture Live TV mode like TiVo's latest user interface (or alternatively, custom PIP content).

    EWz also works with older TiVo models (which may not support video streaming and/or may show all entries under "Music, Photos, & Showcases")

    You can change which thumztaks or groups show up as apps or under which group, what order they're in, or just remove the ones you're not interested in.
    On occasion, new thumztaks will show up and broken thumztaks will be removed/replaced.

    NOTE: EWz uses TiVo's HME app technology to create a simplistic interpreter for web pages and tries to present them to you with no support for JavaScript, Flash, large images, or many media and image formats. The provided list of pages are reasonably compatible, but clicking links to other pages is likely to display something too complicated or incompatible resulting in an app crash or even a DVR reboot due to a bug in TiVo's HME technology.

    If you are concerned about privacy or security while using EWz, you can download a version to run on your home computer, instead.

    If you have a custom app or website you would like to feature to TiVo users, I can display an ad to help pay for my costs and further development.

    (FYI, EWz has been operating in a "beta" status on another server for the past year. If you added it before, you will have to add the new server now, but your thumztaks and configuration were saved)

    Here are the apps and thumztaks that you'll start with currently... (live list is at http://EnterWebz.tv/default_links.html)

    Under "Music & Photos":
    • Radio Auricle - my custom app like a free cross between Rhapsody and Live365 with a little Pandora. Powered by UberStations.
    • More Music & Recordings/ (group which includes...)
      • Internet Radio - a directory of tons of Internet radio stations. The MP3 format stations (PLS/M3U links) should work.
      • last.fm - the mobile version of the Last.FM website.
      • Live Concert recordings - RSS feed of the latest freely available concerts from archive.org
      • Audio Books - RSS feed of the latest freely available audio books from archive.org
      • Old Time Radio - RSS feed of the latest freely available old time radio shows from archive.org
      • 78rpm records and cylinder recordings - RSS feed of the latest freely available old recordings from archive.org
      • MP3Tunes.com mobile - although mp3tunes.com has gone bankrupt, you can access your account's MP3 files from here
      • Flickr slideshow to go with your music - random interesting Flickr image slideshow to show after your start one of the above options
    • Flickr Slideshow and music - random interesting Flickr image slideshow with a nice ambience radio station
    • More Pictures & Comics/ (group which includes...)
      • Popular Photos @ 500px - Flickr alternative (since Flickr's mobile page is not compatible with EWz)
      • Comics & LOLz/ (group which includes...)
        • I Can Has Cheezburger? LOLcats - The RSS feed of the latest LOLcats from ICanHasCheezburger.com
        • GoComics - Home of most of your favorite print comics
        • Peanuts - comics from GoComics
        • Calvin & Hobbes - comics from GoComics
        • Ziggy - comics from GoComics
        • Dilbert Classics - comics from GoComics
        • xkcd.com comics - a popular Internet comic with technical/geeky content
        • XKCD Explained - explains that technical/geeky content

    Under "Showcases & Apps":
    • YouTube.com - YouTube's mobile site
    • More Video & TV/ (group which includes...)
      • PBS Episodes/ (group which includes: Featured Programs, Popular, Expiring Soon, Antiques Roadshow, American Experience, Frontline, Great Performances, Live at Lincoln Center, Masterpiece, Nature, NOVA, PBS NewsHour, POV, Washington Week) - PBS's on-demand content
      • Yahoo! Screen/ (group which includes: Yahoo! Screen, Y!Screen: Comedy, Y!Screen: Music, Y!Screen: Sports, Y!Screen: Cute & Inspiring, Y!Screen: TV Highlights, Y!Screen: My Channels, and Y!Screen: Watch Later) - Yahoo!'s on-demand content
      • Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - Search for information on that movie or show you're watching
      • Late night lineups - RSS feed of who the guests will be on upcoming late night shows.
      • podcast.tv - an organized collection of video podcasts
      • Feature Films @ archive.org - RSS feed of the latest freely available videos in this category from archive.org
      • Classic TV @ archive.org - RSS feed of the latest freely available videos in this category from archive.org
      • 35mm Stock Footage @ archive.org - RSS feed of the latest freely available videos in this category from archive.org
    • News, Sports, & Weather/ (group which includes...)
      • Air Quality Map - a custom app to browse the current and historical air quality around the US.
      • Blitzortung.org Lightning Map - a custom app to browse the current lightning strikes around the world.
      • Weather Underground - Enter your Zip Code and save the resulting page for current conditions and animated radar
      • Rainfall totals by CoCoRaHS - Select your State and get a map of rainfall or snow totals
      • Y! Weather - Yahoo! mobile's forecast for your area
      • Weather Channel - mobile site
      • Y! Sports Scores - Yahoo! mobile's latest sports scores
      • ESPN - mobile site
      • Y! Finance - Yahoo! mobile's latest stock information
      • E*Trade - mobile site
      • CNN - mobile site
      • MSN - mobile site
    • Social, Email, & Shopping/ (group which includes...)
      • Facebook - update your status! Facebook Mobile (which doesn't provide links to videos, sadly)
      • Twitter - tweet!
      • Google+ - mobile site (currently doesn't show well)
      • eBay - mobile auction browsing
      • Amazon.com - mobile shopping site
      • Public Surplus auctions - mobile auction browsing
      • Gmail - mobile email
      • AOL Mail - mobile email
      • Y! Mail - mobile email
      • Google Voice - mobile interface to your voice number and texts (voicemails are too secure to play)
      • MapQuest - get directions on your tv.
    • Games & More/ (group which includes...)
      • Enter Webz suggested links - a wiki page of more "candidate" thumztaks
      • TiVo news at Zatz Not Funny! - Tech Blog entries tagged "TiVo"
      • @TiVo - TiVo's Twitter Feed
      • TiVo Community Forums - mobile version of TCF
      • TiVo's (hidden) Apps - special page listing all apps TiVo serves to your DVR, including the hidden ones.
      • Solitaire - older custom app single-player card game
      • Freecell - older custom app single-player card game
      • Mahjongg - older custom app single-player tile game originally by Gene Wadleigh
      • Minesweeper - simple Minesweeper custom app game especially to replace the removed "Kaboom" flash game.
      • Jems game by R. Van Iwaarden - Rockswap or Bejeweled type of custom app game.
      • Skull & Bones - Early version of TiVo's game that they removed.
      • Samegame - Early version of TiVo's game that they removed.
      • Reversi game by wmcbrine - you probably already have his custom app server added, but here is a shortcut to his server
      • Tic Tac Toe - a simple Tic Tac Toe website game
    • Cribbage with TV people - custom app two-player card game against other TiVos or a computer if nobody is around.
    • WordSmythe with TV - custom app game replacement for TiVo's removed "WordSmith" - this one keeps global and personal high scores, plays Live TV, and lists the words you've played, and you can watch somebody's game in progress.
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    Sep 9, 2008
    The Flickr Slideshows were broken in transition to the new server.
    Fixed now.

    Not listed in the original post:
    in addition to the "XKCD comic" in the photos area (group: More Pictures & Comics/Comics & LOLz/), there is also "XKCD Explained" which shows the comic with details when the joke is in a scientific or cultural area you're not familiar with.

    ​Post here and let us know how you customized EWz or what you'd like added!
    Many simple/mobile websites or RSS feeds are easy additions.

    Series 2 and 3 owners these apps are designed to work for you, too. Please say something if it doesn't work!
    (Series 2 should work with Live TV Picture-in-Picture, but no other video streaming)
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    Sep 9, 2008
    (part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)

    EnterWebz.tv includes several Video On Demand sources.
    • Archive.org has public domain content including video. EWz features their latest uploads of Feature Films, Classic TV, and Stock Footage. You can stream the ones available in the correct format variation under types MPEG, MPEG2, H.264, or MP4.
    • PBS is specifically supported by EWz such that launching one of their many shows includes its complete title, subtitle, and description. Popular, Featured, Expiring Soon, and a selection of specific shows are all listed. Let me know if there are other specific shows you want included! (unfortunately, PBS's list page is not directly compatible with EWz)
    • YouTube's mobile site is featured in EWz as an alternative interface to TiVo's Flash app. This is quick, can show playlists, and supports logins.
    • Podcast.tv is a directory of a wide variety of video podcasts you can stream.
    Any site that uses the VIDEO tag or includes a downloadable mp4 or mpeg video can be supported in EWz, just let me know about it! Vimeo locked down their interface and will require significant effort to get working again. Vines unfortunately are not currently compatible because they require a direct HTTPS connection that TiVo doesn't support, therefore EWz doesn't.

    EWz plays videos using TiVo's own HME Video Player app and HME YouTube app. This makes it highly capable, but also suffers from their limitations.

    EWz does have an advanced feature to use a home-installed video converting app as your Video Player which would add support for more formats and HTTPS, but the app doesn't exist yet.

    ​Post your favorite PBS or Archive.org video and what other video on demand content you would like to see in Enter Webz!​
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    Sep 9, 2008
    ​(part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)
    EnterWebz.tv includes a growing list of casual games. Most are custom HME apps that EWz just launches for you.
    • Cribbage with TV people - my first multi-player game - card game for 2 people or 1 against the computer - Picture-in-Picture Live TV is available while you're playing or waiting your turn.
    • Reversi - in case you haven't already added wmcbrine's fine server, this is just a link to his muli-player Reversi game.
    • Minesweeper - simple adaptation which sort of makes TiVo's "Kaboom" available to Series 2 & 3 owners.
    • Solitaire and Freecell - some 1 player card games I made years ago
    • Mahjonng - solitaire style originally by Gene Wadleigh which I updated years ago so it worked again
    • Tic Tac Toe - Enter Webz presenting a simple web site implementation of the game.
    I plan to create more multi-player games using the environment I created for Cribbage.

    ​Post which game is your favorite and what new games you would like to play on your TiVo in the future! ...with Live TV in the corner :) ​
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    Sep 9, 2008


    ​​(part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)
    When you add the server at EnterWebz.tv, these can be found in the "Music & Photos" area on your TiVo:
    • Radio Auricle - a custom app for Internet radio stations powered by UberStations​ - it finds the radio stations that are currently playing your favorite song, artist, genre, or radio show right now. It will also be tied into EWz as an option to run on start (like current options: Live TV or specific media link).
    • Internet Radio - a simple categorized directory of streaming Internet Radio stations.
    • Archive.org has public domain content including audio. EWz features their latest uploads of Live Concerts, Audio Books, and Old fashioned recordings and radio. You can play the ones available in the MP3 format.
    • Use the still-operating MP3Tunes.com mobile site of the otherwise defunct service (still attached to the DAR.fm service)
    • and sometimes you'll see a "featured" thumztak for remixes of old 8-bit computer music.
    Since music just sits in the upper right corner of EWz, there is also a Flickr Slideshow link included to give you something to watch while you're listening.
    Alternatively, while you listen you could browse comics, news, sports scores, or even this forum.​

    The Last.FM mobile site is also available for you "scrobblers."

    ​Post your favorite stations or other music pages you would like to see on EWz! Would you like to see the "Net Labels" category from Archive.org? I'm also considering trying to get SoundCloud to work. Any site that has a shoutcast-like stream or MP3 download links can potentially work with EWz.
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    Sep 9, 2008
    ​​(part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)
    EnterWebz.tv includes a number of photo and comic sites for you to enjoy while you wait for the next episode to buffer.
    • I Can Has Cheezburger? the original LOLcats feed!
    • Flickr Slideshow (with or without music) - a random slideshow of images tagged "interesting"
    • Popular at 500px - a bit like Flickr
    • GoComics - a collection of almost all your favorite comics. Find your favorite and press Thumbs Up to save it!
    • GoComics classics to get you started: Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Ziggy, and Dilbert
    • XKCD - a hilarious nerdy, sciency Internet comic, and XKCD Explained for when the jokes go over your head (it'll happen).
    Unfortunately, Flickr's full mobile site is no longer EWz compatible, and Photobucket would be redundant.

    Post and let us know what other photo and comic sources you want to see on your TiVo!
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    Sep 9, 2008
    ​(part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)
    EnterWebz.tv lets you live your digital life from your comfortable chair.
    • Twitter - tweet from your couch! Virgin Media DVRs get this as a built-in, now we can catch up. A separate thumztak (in Games & More) takes you direct to @TiVo for the latest tweets from your favorite DVR!
    • Facebook - get caught up with your friends, or post your status. (Their mobile content doesn't currently include videos, sadly)
    • Google+ - It works, but Google's basic mobile social site is really badly done and hard to understand.
    • The EWz YouTube page also provides access to video comments.

    Obviously posting a status update could be tedious from your TiVo, but if you have a Slide Remote or have a USB keyboard plugged in, you can type more easily.

    Post here and let us know if you like being Social from your couch! Any other Social Networks you'd like to see on EWz?
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    Sep 9, 2008
    ​(part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)
    DOW, NFL, NASDAQ, MLB, and many other acronyms are available with their latest numbers when you add the Enter Webz service at EnterWebz.tv

    • Yahoo! Sports Scores - easy summaries of the latest games
    • ESPN mobile - detail and variety you could only get from ESPN
    • Yahoo! Finance - easy summaries of the latest stock prices
    • E*Trade - their entire mobile web offering from your TiVo

    Whatever you do, don't post a response to any of this! :p
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    Sep 9, 2008
    (part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)
    ​Need to do a quick check of the news or weather but don't want to wait for Live TV to get there? Enter Webz can help.​

    • ​Air Quality Map - a simple custom app to browse the US Air Quality Index map provided by airnow.gov, and also browse different times (current, FF to forecast, or RW to past dates)
    • Blitzortung.org Lightning Map - a simple custom app to browse the maps from blitzortung.org of the latest lightning strikes around the world.
    • Weather Underground - Enter your zip code, then press Thumbs Up to save the resulting page for next time - detailed current conditions, radar map and radar loop, and forecast description.
    • Rainfall totals by CoCoRaHS - select your state and get rainfall totals (or snow, etc), then select your city or region and get rainfall totals in your neighborhood!
    • Y! Weather - Yahoo!'s simple mobile weather page - a replacement for the Yahoo! Weather app that used to be available from TiVo.
    • Weather Channel - the Weather Channel's mobile site - search for your location and press Thumbs Up on the resulting page to save it for next time.​
    • CNN - CNN's mobile news site
    • MSN - Microsoft's mobile news site
    Suggestion: My local news station has a simple web page of weather closures and delays, so I wrote down the URL for it and added it to Enter Webz by selecting "Enter a new URL." I saved the page it showed by clicking :up: THUMBS UP . (Be sure to edit the new thumztak with the name, group, and order you want it listed). Now I don't have to watch the long scrolling message during the broadcast.
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    I see the mobile Internet Radio thumztak page had a dramatic update a while back - it's not quite so simple anymore, but it's prettier.​
    Ignore the "Flash Required" messages and just select either the "pls" or "m3u" link to play your station.
    Categories are near the bottom of the page (Just hit the ADVANCE ( -->| ) button to jump to the bottom).

    In related news, I have moved that Internet Radio thumztak to the "More Music & Recordings/" group, and in its place in your Music & Photos listing I added my new custom radio app "Radio Auricle" powered by UberStations. Please see details in the new post I made about it elsewhere in this forum. http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?t=525797

    If you want "Internet Radio" up front again, just select the Edit Apps entry, highlight "Internet Radio" (after finding it in the "music/" group, then the "More Music & Recordings/" group), and click ENTER (or click INFO and click the "Edit" button). From there you can change the Group back to "music/" and it will be back where it was.
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    Sep 9, 2008
    (part of a series of EWz feature highlight posts)
    Do you want to see less (or more) listings on your TiVo from EWz?
    Do you want your local weather only one click away? Maybe as the first listing instead of the last?
    EWz is easily changed to show just what you want.

    If you select the last app in the list ("Edit Enter Webz App List") you'll see a list of all the groups and apps that EWz added.
    • If you just want to change the order of thumztaks in a group, you can rearrange them similar to how you rearrange your wishlist.
      Type the position NUMBER you want to move the highlighted thumztak to. Press ENTER or SELECT to complete the move.
    • Each thumztak can be moved so it reduces or eliminates the number of apps you see on the TiVo:
      Highlight one and click ENTER (or click INFO and select the "Edit" button). From there you can move it to a group that doesn't start with "Apps/" and it won't show up any more. Or you could move them each to a single new "Apps/Enter Webz/" group so only one group shows up on your TiVo.
    • You can also move them up from a deep folder (like Apps/photos/More Pictures & Comics/Comics & LOLz/) to the TiVo's main app page by placing them in "Apps/" (or "Apps/photos" or "Apps/music" or "Apps/video" which are the main app page, but with a particular genre to let the TiVo place them on the right page).
      This positions that thumztak only one click away from the TiVo's Apps or Music & Photos page.
    • Also from that thumztak edit page you can change the name of the thumztak to something more meaningful to you.
    • Alternatively, you can use THUMBS DOWN :thumbsdown: to permanently delete each undesired app. (A group is deleted by moving or deleting all of the apps from it.)
      If you delete absolutely everything EWz will restore all the defaults.
      If you change your mind and want one default thumztak back that you deleted, use EWz to go to EnterWebz.tv/default_links.html and press RECORD to save the highlighted links you want to save as thumztaks.
    These changes may take some time to show on the TiVo's app list because your TiVo doesn't always refresh the list immediately.

    The most drastic option is to completely disconnect from EnterWebz.tv: :eek:
    • From the TiVo's Apps or Music & Photos list, highlight one of them (e.g. Radio Auricle) and press CLEAR. This will remove all the EWz apps at the same time.
      To get them back you must follow the instructions at http://EnterWebz.tv/connect.html (your settings will still be there when you reconnect).
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    Jun 13, 2006
    Laguna Hills CA
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    Sep 9, 2008
    Not currently. Although the first page shows up OK (except Yahoo! has broken images in its mobile site, even when I try it from a regular browser), the individual video pages don't currently do anything because they heavily rely on JavaScript, which Enter Webz doesn't do.

    However, looking at the contents of the page, I'm reasonably confident I could add a custom video handler for Yahoo! Screen to start streaming the correct video instead of showing that mostly blank page.

    I'll make that next on my list to do and will post here when I get it working!
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    Sep 9, 2008
    Enter Webz now supports "Yahoo! Screen" videos.
    These can be found at screen.yahoo.com or embedded on other sites.
    I created a custom handler to launch the video with its title and description and if the list of streams has one the same size as your TV display, that one is picked over other choices.

    I have added the Yahoo! Screen video/ group to the More Video & TV/ group.
    It contains Yahoo! Screen, Y!Screen: Comedy, Y!Screen: Music, Y!Screen: Sports, Y!Screen: Cute & Inspiring, and Y!Screen: TV Highlights as well as Y!Screen: My Channels and Y!Screen: Watch Later if you've logged in.

    Thanks for the idea, "robojerk!"

    Unfortunately, not all of Yahoo's mobile pages are EWz-friendly.
    The main content is a page down, some of their information requires JavaScript (not supported by EWz) and many of the images are just broken on the mobile version of the site.

    Choose a video title to play it!

    You can also use the search box to find more Yahoo! Screen videos.
    A bug in EWz table rendering has the search button off the right edge of the screen. Scroll to the right after typing in the search box, and you can click the button.

    Note, this feature will break if Yahoo! changes the format of their video pages. LET ME KNOW if it breaks and I'll fix it.
  15. robojerk

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    Laguna Hills CA
    Super cool, cant wait to try it out when Community airs this Tuesday.
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    Aug 25, 2014
    Any chance this could be made to work with NHL GameCenter or BTN2Go? I know those are pretty niche but still...
  17. davidblackledge

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    Sep 9, 2008
    I took a look at both, and neither looks like an option for EWz. NHL GameCenter looks too complex, although the end result could be a streamable URL judging from how the demonstration video was. BTN2Go looks like a heavily Flash-based video system like YouTube (which required a custom proprietary player app from TiVo).

    Sorry those ones didn't work out.

    Let me know if you have any other sites you'd like to see!
  18. davidblackledge

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    Sep 9, 2008
    On St. Patrick's Day, three new DVRs subscribed to EnterWebz.tv, pushing the total subscribers to over 500!

    Thank you for your support!

    Although about 100 of those haven't been active in the past year, things have grown quickly since the official launch when the server was changed. At the end of the original year-long beta, EnterWebz.tv had 375 subscribed DVRs, and less than 3 months later there are 125 more!

    The original beta server was turned off a week or two ago, and based on impressions, not everybody made the switchover by then, so tell all your TiVo friends to add EnterWebz.tv again!

    Those who remember Apps.tv (launched October 2005) may know it had over 14,000 service subscribers by the time it was shut down in 2012.
    EWz can use web content to replicate most of what Apps.tv had, and continues to grow in new and interesting web content and custom built app offerings.

    Let me know what other things you'd like to see in your TiVo's apps menus!
    Thank you again!
    - David.
  19. davidblackledge

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    Sep 9, 2008
    You may have noticed the previous post's pictures update live, and EWz has passed 600 users, but since TiVo Inc removed so many of their apps in the past month, interest in the Enter Webz apps has jumped dramatically.

    In support of this, I have added R. Van Iwaarden's 2007 "Jems" game (like Rockswap) to the EnterWebz.tv "Games & More" repertoire.

    Unfortunately, for the same reasons, I removed YouTube's mobile page and disable launching YouTube videos from anywhere because TiVo Inc removed the player EWz needs.
    If I am able to get a good workaround, I'll update things, but it will require you folks download and install a program on your home computer that can talk directly to your TiVo (Premiere and later. I can't do anything to help Series 3 with YouTube, unfortunately)

    I've also included a link to the Fandango mobile site under the More Video group.

    Finally, I made the remote control hints across the top of all my apps look clearer and more professional.

    Let me know what you want to see for games on Enter Webz and I'll try to create them ASAP!
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    Aug 2, 2003
    There's a version of Skull & Bones included in the HME Java SDK. It doesn't have the same background graphics (but you can change those easily enough); I'm not sure if it plays the same.

    P.S. I feel like I've seen the source for "SameGame" (and I mean the HME version) somewhere, too, but I can't quite remember where. Maybe it was in that HME book?
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