End of program truncated, if next show is Recorded.

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    If you had to Pause a TV Program (i.e. for a phone call), you are then watching the show, with the help of a 30 minute buffer. In fact, this has been a Sales Pitch, for purchasing a TiVo box, right from the Series 1 Boxes.

    But now, after a recent Software Update, if you are behind, and the next show is being recorded, it starts Immediately, in a Jagged Edge sort of way, truncating the end of the prior program. So if that was a Mystery, you will never know how the program ends. (For example, you'd never know who "shot the Sheriff"!)

    Workaround: If you can have more than one Tuner assigned to the Channel being recorded, you will watch the show on one of them, and the other will record. This can be done by, [1] Selecting the Channel with the Show you wish to record. [2] Go to Settings / Help / Restart TiVo and follow directions. After the Reboot, all 6 Channels will be on the one program. Leave at least two Tuners, and you can watch the shows normally.

    Note: I opened an Issue with TiVo with the Case # 07387664.
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    It 's a well known issue at TCF, with many existing threads.

    Simpler workaround: Hit Rec instead of Pause. Watch remainder from My Shows.
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    FYI... this message was 10 days ago. Not long if you're a tortoise, a lifetime when this particular PITA bites you all the time.
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