Enabling a backdoor on reboot

Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by TubaMan-Z, Jan 9, 2006.

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    A long time ago in a life far, far away I was a pretty decent programmer (before I went to the dark side and became a manager....). Now that I've had the pleasure of Zippering two of my DTivos (thanks again Gunny and Russ), I'd like to poke a little further. Specifically, I've come to appreciate the backdoor that enables the short program info (Thumbs up/down/up/7/8). This however gets reset (turned off) with the now scheduled reboot. I'm not specifically asking for details on HOW to do it, but rather a pointer (or appropriate Google search terms would be OK too :) ) to info to read and educate myself. I've learned a bit from the enhancement script and various config files and now Linux (my background is DOS/Windows, but I've also worked with OS/2, AS/400, and AIX. Anyone guess where I work?)

  2. the new guy

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    As far as I know, the only way to enable a backdoor code on reboot in 6.x is to modify tivoapp. Older versions could probably be done with a sendkey-type script called from the .author file, but that functionality is not present in the newer versions of the software. The permanent 30-second skip is a good example of a modified tivoapp backdoor code.

    There are probably some relevant threads buried in DDB somewhere... I am not sure what search terms will be the best ones to find them, though.

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    I'd have to guess IBM in Rochester, MN.
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    If you don't have a phone line connected, you can also disable the reboots, if you choose. Edit the /enhancements/varhacks/spool/cron/crontabs/root file, and comment out the reboot commands.
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    Thanks Rbautch I only have one Tivo connected to the phone line as a server so I will stop my other 2 from rebooting twice weekly. :)
  6. normr

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    Feb 16, 2007
    Is there somewhere I can send my Phillips DSR-708 to be modified so I can use the USB ports and and add some other features?
  7. jporter12

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    Mar 10, 2006
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    Look around here, especially the zipper thread.

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