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    What is the importance of the ECM count and EMM count in the CC Screen?

    I am noticing that sometimes they are at 0 and sometimes no ECMs are detected.
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    EMM is entitlement management message, and ECM is entitlement control message. These are messages from the headend to the cable card to allow the card to decrypt encrypted programming.

    Here is information I have gathered from my Comcast experience, your CP screen should look like this (for SA systems) when tuned to a subscribed encrypted channel:
    Auth Status:CP Auth Received
    Prog number: (varies)
    CCI byte: 0x02 (also varies, but seems to be 02 for all scrambled channels)
    ECM count: not zero
    EMM count: not zero
    Decryption status:OK
    PowerKey status:Ready
    EID: varies but should NOT be 0xfffffff
    MKS period: 1000 seconds (varies?)
    KSE count:1

    Note that the ECM and EMM count will increase the longer you are on a scrambled channel, but the CP screen is static and does not change (refresh). To see the numbers change, hit CLEAR (to exit) and then go back into the screen.

    If the EMM and ECM counts are zero and you are getting 'no ECMs detected' -
    You are on an unscrambled ('clear') channel
    Your card is not authorized to decrypt the channel - either you are not subscribed to that channel, or the card is not properly configured

    If you google 'emm and ecm' you will find some interesting documents explaining the entire process in detail.

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