Emergency Alerts holding Mini Vox TVs hostage

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Possie, May 27, 2019.

  1. Possie

    Possie New Member

    Jan 13, 2019


    Hello Tivo gurus! I need help...

    I am running a Tivo Bolt Vox that connects also to 3 Mini Vox units.

    Two days ago we got an Emergency Alert for a Tornado warning, and now these alerts are holding all 3 of my tvs hostage that are using the Mini Vox units. There are no TV signals coming through. (Comcast Xfinity is my cable provider — using cablecard in Bolt Vox). There is just a black screen with that two day old alert that scrolls that will not go away, and we can’t use those TVs. My main TV with the Bolt Vox works fine though and can still watch TV on that one. The other 3 are toast.

    We have tried piulling power and rebooting both main Bolt unit and Mini Vox units, but no luck.

    Tried calling Tivo tech support, but again another instance of clueless help there. First person (without trying anything) said there was nothing they could do. After many times of being put on hold and frustrating conversation, she came back saying that it was a known issue and that their engineers were working on it and said they would email communicate in “maybe” 3-5 days. At that point I knew I was being blown off completely. She couldn’t tell me how long it has been a “known” issue or anything. I’m seriously regretting purchasing this lousy Tivo system. All I wanted was to save some money by not having to rent devices from cable company.

    There just has to be a way to fix this. I just don’t get it....

    Has anyone else had this problem, and if so....please how did you fix it? Any ideas to try?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Possie

    Possie New Member

    Jan 13, 2019
    Finally this issue was resolved after much hassle from Tivo support.

    I’ll also mention from original post that not only were we having a problem with the emergency alert, but also a pushed message before that mentioning the death of the xfinity on demand app on tivo. Initially we had the issue on all 3 mini vox devices. One device mysteriously cleared up and worked again. The other two devices were toast.

    After rebooting boxes and pulling cables, we’d get to the home screen that shows tv shows, but couldn’t select anything with the remotes (no live tv showing either). It would then go to a bouncing tivo icon on screen saying to press tivo button or live tv. Nothing worked, nothing bonged. (I explained all this on two occasions with Tivo techs that gave me the same “known issue” song and dance without trying anything.). Tried new remote batteries, no joy.

    I finally got Tivo to agree to send me a replacement box at their cost. After plugging the replacement box in and booting and getting to the setup screen and nothing would select with the remote, I called Tivo back and FINALLY got a tech that solved the problem in no time. It was as simple as holding down the Tivo button along with the Red C button for 6 seconds until flashing red light went off. Then I could move and select.

    I plugged original device back in, and now it was working normally. I went to other hosed mini device and hit the buttons, and it was magically working again too!

    So apparently the remotes somehow got out of IR mode when those alerts came out. It wasn’t a problem with the boxes at all. It wasn’t a “known issue”.

    I’m so glad to be back up and running again with my original equipment...but dang these devices are a PITA to troubleshoot.

    I hope this post helps someone else who has the same crazy mysterious issue.
  3. wingclip

    wingclip New Member

    Apr 9, 2017
    Houston, TX
    This Emergency alert thing drives me up the f%@#&ng wall! It's not bad enough that they completely override any control on the TV except for the volume and ON/OFF, they play the message for 3 to 5 minutes in English and then again in Spanish and then repeat. What's worse, these messages are most often for those people who fear thunderstorms on the coastline some 80 miles away! In other words, not only is the "Emergency" not an emergency at all, but it doesn't include anyone in the 10 other counties that it interrupts!

    Down here in 'Tejas', people go to pieces over a summer squall. Thunder & lightning have been around a heck of a lot longer than the weather channel and where I was raised, a mountain thunderstorm was a "thunderstorm". Not an over-sensationalized "Thunder Cell with gusts nearing a class one tornado". Mountain thunderstorms can be very sensational, (especially the snow storms) and would probably cause people down here to have heart attacks.

    True journalism died years ago and so did simple, straight forward, weather reporting. They all want to get viewers and that brings ratings, which equals money. Therefore, anyone who comes on the air with a statement like; "...we see some storm activity in these areas..." will be looking for a new job by morning.

    They look for the jumpiest blonde, (male or female), who's afraid of her/his own shadow, cringes, cry's out, and shudders, when a semi drives by while over 200 feet from the highway, and they say; "...There! I want that person to report the weather!" Next thing you know, you've got this nut on TV at a near 10 on the panic-scale, carrying on about how the 'terrible storm cell' may reach epic proportions if the winds continue for another 2 weeks!

    She, (and/or he), plan to go to their mothers to seek comfort because, "my mom always knew how to calm us kids down when a thunderstorm was coming. I remember when we got home from school, all us 7th graders were soooo scared, and mom sang a nice calm bible hymn to help us all fall asleep..."

    (Makes me want to choke up my last 3 dinners...lol)

    A little rain down here and they fall to pieces on the highway, seriously! You'd think they were all driving in 3 feet of snow and during the time the rain is falling, they'll drive on the wrong side of the road, ride up on sidewalks, run into trash cans, REALLY! I've seen this happen and it happens every time it rains with some wind.

    It'll only last 10 minutes but they'll kill each other as they attempt to drive in it. Then the ones with the cell phones do things that I've only seen in slapstick comedy from the 1920 TV shows. They're already bad at driving and then they try texting their friends to tell them how terrible the weather channel said this storm 'can get', LOL. Inside of that short, 10 minute squall, they pretty much endanger everyone who's within 500 feet of them, to the power of 10!

    How's that for getting off topic. I've been typing all this while that stupid black ribbon is warning the people of a POSSIBLE 15 minute 'severe' thunderstorm. The people it's meant for, live 6 counties to the south of my location and I can't change the channel or do anything to save the program that was recording when the message started.

    English, then Spanish, then English, then Spanish, and they do that at least 2 more times before ending it with one last time again in English! There must be some way to petition the idiots that came up with this idea! At the very least, give back control of the TV. Anyone who sees that ribbon and decides to turn it off is either aware of the situation, knows the situation doesn't concern their area, or just doesn't care.

    Who are they to decide what someone should or shouldn't pay attention to? They just go and take away yet another right that I could, and should, decide for myself. If this is done because kids may come along and turn off the family TV w/o telling their parents that an emergency alert just went by, that's something the parents need to address with their kids, not me.

    Of course, why make the parents teach their kids anything, right? Instead, we'll just force everyone to lose control of the TV, yeah, that sounds like the right thing to do. Let the kids go on clueless their entire life rather than take the responsibility the parents signed on to accept, but won't when the time comes...
    FWIW, (have at it, I don't care.)
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  4. ManeJon

    ManeJon Active Member

    Apr 14, 2018
    For a while they were causing the TIVO's to reboot so at least this is "better".
    I agree they are absolutely annoying and you can't do anything about it - you loose what you are watching - strange they never seem to start during a commerical
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  5. wingclip

    wingclip New Member

    Apr 9, 2017
    Houston, TX


    That's true! In fact, it happened again this morning around 4AM. It wasn't an emergency, just an alert saying that they would show this ribbon if there was. They run that at least every 5 days and it's the longest one of them all because it details every county that it addresses. Of course, it knocked out the recording I was running, as is always the case.

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