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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by hengst2404, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Okay, so as a 3rd time Tivo customer, via a series 2, a series 3 hd xl and now a Tivo Premier Elite, I have had some experiences. My last two boxes have been with Comcast, which has made for some interestingly different experiences.

    I bought my Elite at best buy, via the magnolia store, on Monday. Tuesday morning I hooked it up and ran all the updates and let it stay connected. That afternoon I called Comcast and went through the process of getting the M card working with the new box.

    The rep basically just hit some buttons and said, hey there you go, the unit is paired. I immediately noticed that the premium channels, HBO, etc were not working. So he tried a few things, one of which reset my entire internet connection and required me to basically re-do my cable modem and account stuff. After that he set up an appointment for a tech to come to my place today between 3-5pm.

    Last night I received the 20.2 update and thus far have enjoyed it. My unit basically worked outside of premium channels and after some initial issues, my Netflix and Hulu plus began working. I did have to switch to sdui and then back to the hdui to see the apps. This was before the 20.2 update though, so who knows if that issue has gone away.

    So at 5:10pm, no cable tech in site, I tried the 877 self-install number. She asked for my id and host numbers, as well as the m-card serial number, sent the pairing signal and 5 minutes later all my channels are now working. So thanks to the folks here who put that number up for me to find.

    So while I had a few issues, it was mostly a lousy comcast rep from the main comcast number who was my problem. I now have a working Elite and am very happy with it.
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    consider yourself lucky. i've had mine a month and it's still not working despite at least six to eight 2-4 hour phone calls to tw & tivo support and all hardware except the dvr itself being swapped at least once. and this is from having a working s3 for 5 years and only swapping that s3 for an elite.

    tivo is sending me another box next week, but the problem most likely lies with the cable company but i have no leverage to make them fix things and i think tivo ought to step up and take this responsibility when the customer has exhausted all resources. otherwise their fancy box is a very expensive boat anchor.

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    Tivo doesnt need to step up and do anything to resolve your cable companies issues.
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    Here we go....
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    Oh we went there, did a tour, and came back

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