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Discussion in 'TiVo Edge' started by TiVo_Ted, Oct 8, 2019.

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    ShervinF New Member

    Oct 21, 2019


    Ted said it won't be here till early 2020
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    Mikeguy Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    So, in 4 weeks? ;)
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    BillyClyde Active Member

    Mar 3, 2017
    Thanks for the responses everyone! I’ll hold off as long as I can, but it’s going to be tough since I have to appease the nicer, prettier half of this equation!
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    cuibap0 New Member

    Oct 21, 2019
    Yep me too. Won't buy it until it supports Sony Dolby Vision.

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    Borzorp New Member

    Dec 5, 2019


    I'm still having Tuning Adapter problems.
    I've never needed a tuning adapter when I lived in a Xfinity/Comcast area, but now I'm living in a Spectrum/Charter area and need the adapter. So this is all new to me...

    The adapter is having a couple of problems.
    1, Not being able to tune in many channels (v52 error message.)
    2, Lack of 6-tuner support (only 4 tuners support.)

    I have a new TiVo Edge (getting it and not being double-charged for it was a hellish nightmare, but that's a story for another day...)
    The System Information lists Software version:

    A cable technician has already tested all the cabling in my house and says it is excellent. Really strong signal and low noise.

    The Motorola CableCARD lists its firmware as "FW 03.31" and "FW* 06.25" under TiVo MENU/Settings/Remote, CableCARD, & Devices/CableCARD Decoder/CableCARD Installation/CableCARD Menu/CableCARD Status (If that's the correct number, I'm unsure.)

    My Tuning Adapter is a Motorola MTR700.
    I think it has the proper firmware update to support 6 Tuners. In the TiVo MENU under Settings/Remote, CableCARD, & Devices/Tuning Adapter [Tuning adapter in use]/Tuning Adapter Diagnostics/CODE MODULES... is listed PLATFORM VERSION: 01.40
    It appears to be plugged in properly according to some of the help guides. Splitter is splitting the coax to the TiVo and the TA input. Then a USB cable connects the TA to the TiVo's 2nd USB port (I've also tried the 1st USB port. Same bad results.)

    Unfortunately, the Yellow LED on the front of the adapter just blinks Yellow constantly.
    The TiVo Edge cannot tune in many channels. I get the error "Searching for a signal on this channel... v52." These channels are part of my cable package and confirmed by the cable company.
    I receive an error after exiting the Tuning Adapter menu in the TiVo settings stating, "Can't Use All Tuners - The Tivo box has six tuners, but the connected Tuning Adapter supports less than six. As a result, you won't be able to use all of the tuners on your TiVo box. Please contact your cable provider if you would like to use all six tuners on this TiVo box."
    I've power-cycled the TA and the TiVo several times and nothing helps.
    It's been like this now for 2 months!

    I contacted TiVo Support about this several times. As recently as today (12/5/2019), I contacted them again just to pick their brains and make sure I wasn't doing something wrong and that it was most likely a cable company issue, which it might be, BUT they NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about issues that the TiVo Edge was having with Tuning Adapters. They just said my Tuning Adapter isn't connecting to Spectrum's headend (blinking LED.) I only stumbled on this thread after trying to research the Tuning Adapter more...
    This is troubling! The support reps need to be educated about all these issues and inform customers or why are they there? I've been having Spectrum technicians and support running in circles over this. I'm afraid now I might get charged money for service calls.
    I've never received any emails about this major problem from TiVo. TiVo has my email address and can also push alerts to my TiVo box, but nothing.
    Is tivocommunity.com the official support place for the company now? I thought TiVo.com support was the official support site, hmmm... weird!

    Anyway, I had a Spectrum support agent look at all my equipment today and we reinstalled the CableCARD and set everything up again. They re-pinged and initialized everything, but still the problems persist. I have another Spectrum Technician coming to my house again tomorrow.

    With the information provided above, does it sound like my TiVo should be receiving all the channels and also support tuning in all 6 tuners?
    Is the problem with Spectrum or is there something still wrong with my TiVo and Tuning Adapter?
    Any Ideas? Does all my equipement have the latest updates (cableCARD firmware, Tuning Adapter firmware, TiVo Software version, etc...?)
    Is there any other information that might help my cable provider and me solve the problems?

    Please Help! Thanks.

    Does anyone know if pyTiVo works for the Edge? I want to transfer recordings from the Edge to my PC. This is one of the main reasons I got another TiVo. I read here that the TiVo Desktop software doesn't work anymore, even though it was advertised to still work (while not supported.) Does that mean that the 3rd-party solutions don't work either anymore?
    And anyone else having their Edge UI crash/freeze occasionally? This never happened to me on a Bolt I had that was also using the new UI.
    And how do I test Dolby Vision support with my Edge and brand new Sony TV?
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    Fugacity Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    This is a spectrum/cabling problem. I too am new the the Edge/cableCARD TiVOs in general and my local friends have never had a tuning adapter. However, I have been through a decent amount with them. One way to tell the tuner info is look at the ActivePrg: under conditional access. It should show you the tuners. Val: should be V and on a channel you get as part of your subscription Auth: Should be S. This is likely happening on at least some channels (Auth:S) since you are seeing them.

    You should check your cableCARD too and see the model number, the middle number is important. The first card they gave me that wouldn't provide hostid,dataid,cardid was 05 and they couldn't reinitiallize it from their end. The second card has a middle number of 18, is Arris branded and i'm pretty sure came right out of one of their HD boxes. In my district it turns out all of the HD boxes have removable cableCARDS and the door is closed by 2 philips head screws. Those are initialized for a 2 way device, so their people will have to reinitialize it as a 2 way card, the tivo may need to be rebooted, and it may need to be initialized a second time. But if val is V you are set.

    The only time my tuning adapter blinked constantly like that is when someone plugged it into the RF out instead of the RF in. Your setup should have a splitter somewhere that plugs one cable into the tivo and one into the tuning adapter in, and then the usb connection seems to work in either usb port. I have a a 3 way splitter back in my wiring panel so its split just the once, but its common to put a two way near the tv/tuning adapter.

    But the tuning adapter should be able to be unplugged from the tivo completely and that amber light should go solid all on its own. If its not, then its a Spectrum and or cabling problem.

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    Borzorp New Member

    Dec 5, 2019
    This is helpful to know. So the blinking Yellow LED has nothing to do with the TiVo Edge not being able to communicate with the Tuning Adapter via USB. Got it!

    And my val is V and Auth is S. Thanks

    Thanks for the info.

    So it looks like Spectrum still has to fix something. My coax cabling was tested and it was fine. And the coax cable is plugged into the "RF In" connector on the back of the Tuning Adapter.

    I'll find out more later when the tech comes. I just hope we don't run into the USB/TiVo Edge communication failure too. That will compound the confusion. =(
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    XIBM Member

    Mar 9, 2013
    Your TA is likely not attached/authorized to your Spectrum Account. You need a solid white light on the TA...
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    2012Bearcat New Member

    Oct 23, 2019
    Cincinnati OH
    As others stated - this definitely sounds like a Spectrum issue.
    And apologies if I'm stating the obvious here, but if/when you call Spectrum support - make sure you're getting someone in the CableCARD support line... not just a tier 1 agent. There IS a difference.
    In my experience with TWC/Spectrum, you might have to wait on hold for a CableCARD specialist - but it is totally worth it. They know exactly what to look for.
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  10. Borzorp

    Borzorp New Member

    Dec 5, 2019
    Well, you guys nailed it!
    It WAS a problem with my (spectrum) Account. The Tuning Adapter had never been PROPERLY added to my account even though several Techs and Support Agents thought they did. Since the adapter was not properly added to the account, the service just rejected any attempt for the adapter to communicate with it.
    The last Tech that helped was young and didn't exactly know what was wrong, but he was persistent and did not give up. He finally found an "old-timer" over the phone that knew what exactly to do.
    So, I spent 6 weeks without channels and went through at least 6 Techs and Agents before a fix was found for a 5-minute problem. And I believe Spectrum might have even done some expensive maintenance to a "node" or server, since they first diagnosed that as the problem... lol

    I've actually asked for CableCARD specialists recently and have been given various responses. Once, I was told there was a special department just created for CableCARDs, but it wasn't up and running yet. Once, I was told the CableCARD specialist wasn't on duty at the moment (apparently, there was only one specialist.) And another time, I was told they had disbanded that department and stopped supporting CableCARDs, since they were so rare. I was also told that Spectrum didn't have their own DVRs (which is NOT true, according to the Techs) and that the only thing I could do was use "On Demand" with a standard "dumb" digital box, instead of recording shows... lol... So their own customer service is confused. Most don't even know what a TiVo is or are surprised TiVo is still in business and are all shocked when the find out a new TiVo device was just released (the Edge.)
    Overall, I get the best info/service from their Techs and then the "Texting Support" service "Ask Spectrum" agents. Speaking with an agent over the phone usually leads to bad info. They're all nice, just not well informed. I actually had to order the CableCARD 3 times before I got it finally mailed to me!!! They "lost" my order the first 2 times. And their local office didn't have any in stock and had no idea when/if they'd get more. It took a month just to get the damn thing. I get the hint they don't want to support CableCARDs!

    Comcast was much easier to deal with in regards to CableCARD support. But they charged me much more for the card. $5/month to $10/month vs Spectrum's $2/month fee.

    At least now I know much more about Tuning Adapters.
    Once the adapter was setup properly it connected in about 3 minutes and the yellow LED went solid. In addition, the errors about the adapter not supporting all 6 TiVo tuners also went away. And all 6 work =) (at least I haven't noticed any blank recordings yet!)

    Thanks for the help.

    I still do have some other issues with the Edge...
    There are some intermittent problems with the interface. I didn't have these problems with my Bolt, which appears to have used the same UI (it got destroyed in a wildfire, unfortunately) =(

    1) Sometimes, the UI freezes up for about 20 seconds. Sometimes, the UI resets (empty screen with grey and black arrow graphic background for about 5 seconds.) And occasionally, the UI will just crash and reboot the Edge. I'm usually navigating around in MyShows when this happens. A few times the Edge UI reset when I wasn't interacting with it at all (I think it might have been starting/stopping recordings in the background.)

    2) The Info Banner/Progress Bar at the bottom of the screen can sometimes get stuck on screen. If I press "Clear" on the remote, it will disappear for a second and then come back. Usually, the Progress Bar will keep flickering and jumping the progress position back and forth. Playing a different recording from MyShows will reset/fix this.

    3) Sometimes, the Edge refuses to FF, RW, Pause or do anything related to Video Playback for a recording or live playback. Playing a different recording from MyShows will reset/fix this.

    4) I'd also like to transfer recordings to my PC, either with TiVo Desktop (I bought) or pyTiVo or some other option. Is this possible still?

    5) Can anyone clarify the Dolby Vision issue with Sony TVs? I can't find clear information on which Sony TVs don't support Dolby Vision. I've read some places that ALL Sony TVs are deficient. Other places I only see that the "older" models (pre-2019) are deficient. Does the Edge support Dolby Vision with a newer 2019 Sony XBR-65X950G ??? How do I test this? Use a TiVo App for the Edge? Which Apps are known to support Dolby Vision (Prime Video or Hulu?) How can we make sure the Edge is transmitting Dolby Vision to the TV (other than just using my error-prone eyeballs? Any diagnostics?)

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  11. compnurd

    compnurd Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2011
    To Speak to the Dolby Issue.... It doesnt work because Sony Forced Dolby to create a new Profile because the CPU's in the Sony's couldnt handle the current one everyone else used.. Now companies have needed to upgrade there systems to support this profile. The Edge does not support it yet.. However the ONLY app on the Edge that supports DV is Netflix
  12. Fugacity

    Fugacity Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    The techs seem to say that, and the people at the store don't say that but say they are hard to get.

    But here is the thing. In my district every single HD STB has a removable cableCARD in it. They eventually just gave me one from one. Its old Brighthouse equipment though, so it might be different other places that weren't TWC/Brighthouse before.
  13. compnurd

    compnurd Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2011
    It is the same here. All of my Cable Companies Arris(Tivo MG1/MG2) equipment has a cablecard in it.. So while they dont deal with the individual cards often, all of the equipment requiring a tuner has one
  14. insane66613

    insane66613 New Member

    Nov 4, 2010
    So, I'll add my two cents in here for what its worth, I've had managed to get 8-10 tuning adapters installed and activated throughout the years from TIvo Premiere's, Tivo Roamios, Tivo Bolts, Tivo Mini's on MoCa. I am a legacy Charter customer, now on Spectrum like everyone else. These tuning adapters have been a nightmare every single time. I've talked to so many agents on the phone, chat support, field techs, field tech phone reps by proxy of the field tech.

    I even once spent an 8 hour day with a Quality Assurance Field Tech who was by far the most thorough, determined to not leave until it was fixed. He climbed my utility pole in our alley and tested lines amongst the power lines, called in 3 seperate field techs to deliver every last remnant Cisco Tuning Adapter hoping the next one would be the magic box. We managed to get one going around the 6 hour mark. At that point, we were banking on the fact that the Tuning adapters were needing to grab the the latest firmware (1.40), which couldn't be forcefully pushed to the the box, but rather had to patiently wait for the tuning adapter to eventually poll the network for lthe firmware cyclically and invisibally at random in the background. Eventually after staring at another box for 40-50 minutes we managed to get a second tuning adapter solid and paired. Hallelujah.

    So from my experiences, my take away is not a simple one, but rather a collection of variables that need to align perfectly to obtain the holy grail of solid amber. For one thing, cable cards are a pain in themselves to get activated properly, you need to find the right remote tech to configure it properly on your account and pair/marry the cable card to your TiVo box. Do that first and you will get a large majority of the channels you subscribe to. For some that will be sufficient, depending on subscriber package and the market you reside in and how the network infrastructure is setup in regards to SDV(switched digital video).

    *For clarification, my experience and advice and experience pertain to the Cisco/Arris 700 TA's

    Now the tuning adapter is needed to access the less popular channels that need to be "switched on", your tuning adapter makes this request and contains the channel map and frequency's needed to tune these channels. Common SDV channels may include Showtime 2, HB0 2, obscure sports networks for things like soccer/regional sports networks etc. Tuning adapters, unlike cable cards, are not married to a specific TiVo or Cable card. In fact, when my tuning adapters are properly activated, I can plug them into a Coax feed and have them go solid in a couple minutes without a USB connection to an external device, hence they should be able to function independently.

    My first checkbox would be to make sure the tuning adapter updates to the latest firmware, as of this writing should be 1.40. This may take a couple hours of set it and forget it, it should eventually poll and download the firmware automatically, although it is best practice to go through your first round of speaking to techs on the phone or in chat support. Have them make a feeble attempt to activate it the tuning adapter, send some hits/pairing signals, most likely fail, schedule a tech. Tell the agent to have the tech bring a tuning adapter if you so choose to schedule a tech at this point, most likely they won't bring one, but its worth asking. Once your firmware is updated, talk to several different techs or have the techs come to your house and have them call support for you. Set them up in a roomby themselves so you don't have to watch them and engage in conversation while they sit on hold waiting to speak to a reperesentative. If you're not having luck at this point, move on to a new tuning adapter. Then, try a few more techs and hope you get someone who knows what they're doing to activate your hopefully properly working tuning adapter.

    Your biggest barrier is flaky tuning adapters with incompetent remote support techs improperly activating the tuning adapters. They need to be added to your account and then "enabled". They also need to download the the proper channel map, some have reported success with running guided setup again to obtain the proper channel mapping. I've heard rumors that these tuning adapters need to be properly removed from the previous account they were paired to, or your account sometime isn't properly removed from a previous tuning adapter pairing.

    Some people report that MoCa can interfere with tuning adapters, and have found sucess using POE MoCa filters on the Coax feed into the Tuning adapter, though I haven't found this true personally.

    Just to cover all the bases, TiVo Bolt users need to use the top USB port for the tuning adapter, but if you have come this far you are probably well aware.

    Now, if we could just locate a Spectrum agent who knows the proper account pairing procedure for the backend, have him share his wisdom with us in the form of some sort of write up to the fullest non confidential extent. We could then share this procedure with the TiVO community and we could instruct and guide our own personal incompetent techs on how to configure our accounts properly. I would gladly do the job myself and learn policy and procedures if it meant I never had to deal with another blinking amber LED.
  15. CZBrat

    CZBrat New Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    No Vudu. Any updates on availability for it on Edge?

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  16. KDPearson

    KDPearson New Member

    Dec 14, 2019
    I too had TA problems with Edge at first, but I understood that the first Spectrum tech sent acknowledged he had no experience with cablecards nor tuning adapters. The second tech they sent did and he got it working properly.

    Specifically he called in and asked if the TA had an "occurrence" in the system. After some research by whomever he was talking to, it came to light that it didn't. He had the technician at the other end of his phone call create an "occurrence" for the TA and it started working.

    The only reason I bring this up is that sometimes it is helpful to prompt less experienced technicians with the proper terminology. Anyway I hope this helps someone.
  17. jjordanjoseph

    jjordanjoseph New Member

    Nov 7, 2012
    I just got a new edge because the old one died.
    Netflix ap not working on this one (no video- but the ap is there... I was able to guess the right sequence and something played audio). Video stopped right after my lg oled (new c9 77) showed the Dolby vision sign. I checked through the settings and changed hdr to off instead of auto and now Netflix has video. Is that tivo not passing the signal correctly?
  18. JxxAxxY

    JxxAxxY Member

    Oct 18, 2018
    Works fine on my lg oled 65 from 2017. It could be an issue with your hdmi cable. Are you using provided cable or old cables? I ran around and around with a roku box that did something very similar. 18 gbps or faster is recommended. The 8k hdmi cables are still hard to come by but monoprice has 6ft ones for $10.
  19. Fugacity

    Fugacity Member

    Oct 1, 2004
    It does this on my Vizio. It used to work on my C9 55" Although with firmware with 04.71.05 (That I received yesterday) if my resolution isn't 4k 60fps or auto its very unstable, although i normally get to a menu before the hdmi port turns off.

    Its possible that for my Vizio it was a firmware that added HDR10+ that is causing the issue with my Vizio as it broke pretty much every major devices ability to provide DV content. Nvidia finally fixed it and admitted it was there fault for not handling TVs that do HDR10+ and DV properly. Tivo closed the ticket and said they would wait to see if other customers had my issue. Unfortunately I don't know that for sure because I upgrade my firmware a couple of days before I got my edge.

    As far as cables go I'm using the one that came with the Tivo as well as several other cables that are of decent quality. That doesn't mean that the cable I got with the Edge isn't marginal though. I have yet to buy an 8k cable to try.

    If you don't have auto or 4k 60fps only for video settings I would try that first, I typically have it set to 4k 60 fps preferred and 1080i because I feel the TV does a better job at up-sampling. But since it works all the time for me when I set it to 4k 60fps I'm dubious that its a cable issue. Not setting it to 4k all the time breaks netflix on the Edge anyway since it will switch back and forth between 4k and 1080i constantly in the menus and typically settle on 1080 for videos. I haven't played with the minis enough but i think they are better at getting 4k videos out of netflix when set up this way.
  20. John Fuerst

    John Fuerst New Member

    Dec 30, 2019
    I'm having the same issue - attempting to transfer recordings from Roameo to Edge. I've tried using Tivo.com / manage / transfer / everything looks like it working but nothing transfers or shows up on the to do list... John

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