DVD Tivo unit that can change channels on DirecTV HD receiver?

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    Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I cannot find a similar thread. My elderly dad enjoys recording TV shows and burning them to DVD. Previously he has been doing this with a 2005-era Pioneer DVD recorder and the onboard analog tuners with local cable service. My parents have recently moved and I've had DirecTV HD-DVR service installed.

    Now I think he will mainly use the Directv DVR to schedule and record shows, and just dub them to the DVD recorder through the AV inputs. However, I'm trying to see if there is a simpler solution, to schedule and record via an older DVD Tivo by having it change the channels on the Directv receiver (a new HR24). Then he can burn directly to the DVD on the same unit.

    So the question is: Can the older DVD Tivos - the 57H, 810H - change channels on the newer Directv receivers via an IR blaster, by having the correct IR codes? I wonder since those models are several years old and well before the new Directv units were shipped, but maybe the IR codes are backwards-compatible? I do understand the DVD Tivo would not record HD, but that the HR24 could output in SD, which would be fine.

    Also is it correct that those used DVD Tivo units, if I don't want to pay for monthly Tivo service, would either have 3-day (basic), 14-day (plus) or lifetime subscriptions, depending on what the original purchaser chose?
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    As an owner of several Pioneer DVD TiVo units, I can answer some, if not all, of your questions.

    The Pioneer TiVos are Series 2 TiVos. So anything a Series 2 can do, a Pioneer TiVo can do.

    You should be able to use the IR Blaster cable and a Pioneer Tivo to control the HD DirecTV box, but the Pioneer TiVo only has S-video and Composite inputs. You cannot directly connect the DirecTV signal into the cable port of the Pioneer. You have to use an STB, in your case, the HR-24. As long as the HR24 has an S-video output and analog audio output, you can feed the signal into the Pioneer. You will get reduced quality, and it might not be full screen. It doesn't hurt to try it out. You might have to try different settings to get the IR Blaster to control the HR24.

    The Pioneer units came with Tivo Lifetime Basic service, which is free and will let you get 3 days of guide data, but you can't create Season Passes or Wish Lists. You can schedule it to record a single show, or a single time slot (Monday at 8pm for one hour). You will need a paid subscription (monthly or Lifetime Plus) to get the full 14 days of guide info, Season Passes and Wish Lists.

    Hope that helps,

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