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    I own the movie Bad boys 2 on Dvd and the aspect ratio on that is 240 which has black bars on the top and bottom, Last night on Fox HD they had Bad boys 2 on in HD. When this played there was not black bars on the top or bottom and it filled the whole screen.

    I compared the 2 and the quality put the dvd to shame even though the dvd still looked great.

    I always thought that when people film the movie for it to be in widescreen they film in a apsect ratio so its widescreen and that means it will always have black bars on top and bottom, but when ever there is a movie In hd on tv it fills the screen.

    If it is possible for it to fill the screen then why on the dvd version is there black bars.

    And while I made this thead another question about aspect ratio comes to mind. On a movie like spiderman 1 the aspect ratio is 1.85 and it fills the entire screen which is rare for the dvds I have Does this mean that you see less in spderman 1 then in other moives that have 240 or 235 ratio.

    Thanks for any help in advance

    I found a perfect spot in the movie where they show a computer screen and they have a time in the upper left hand corner down to the seconds. I did frame by frame until they were matched perfect and from what I see the left and right side of the picture the hd has a sliver more and the top and the bottom of the picture the HD has alot more. The first one is the dvd and the second is HD and I am not stretching the picture in any way on either format. both pictures match up perfect so you can bounce between the 2, if they dont match up refresh the picture.

    seems pretty clear to me that when the HD dvd or blue ray come out you will get better quality and more or a picture.....I think


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    try the AVS Forums, there is a neverending debate on O.A.R.(original aspect ratio) and such.
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    The HD snap clearly has more rez, too.

    It kind of depends on the original aspect ratio. If it is wider than 16:9 they have two options...zoom it to fill the screen and chop the edges, or leave it alone and send black bars top and bottom. If it is shot in a ratio skinnier than 16:9 they have the same options that 4:3 programming has, which are similar...zoom it to fit and chop the top and bottom, leave it alone and send black bars on the sides. There are some in-between cheats, such as 14:9 stretch/zoom and non-linear stretch, but all you have to do is tune into TNTHD and you will immediately see what a folly of a bad idea that can be.

    The really clever movie producers are cognizent of the 16:9 de facto standard for HD, and many of them are bowing to that ratio so that DVDs and HD will do their product justice. I watched Spiderman on FOX last year, side-by-side with a DVD made from a previous 4:3 HBO broadcast (I have a 36" set not far from my 60" set). The HBO copy was the theatrical release, but the HD FOX broadcast was slightly reformatted. IOW, when there was a scene that was framed widely on the theatrical version, FOX has electronically zoomed for a larger close-up in certain scenes, assumedly to improve the viewing experience on a smaller screen. I think it worked well in this case, but I worry about ham-handed reformatting by those who just don't get it.

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