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    I have General Hospital Yesterday set up as a season pass for my wife. About once a week I have to go through the "To Do List" and clear off the duplicate showings. I started to notice that there were several days missing from the season pass. I did a search on the guide and indeed the episodes were being shown. So I then deleted the season pass and then went to re-add it, thinking that would take care of things. I then happened to notice when I did a search on General Hospital, I found at that time there were to listings for General Hospital Yesterday both on the same channel (262 - Soapnet). I added both, and sure enough all instances of GH Yesterday are now showing. Has anyone else run into this problem and if so does D* know about it? Also note, this is only occuring on my DSR 7000, I have the same season pass on my HR10-250 and I am not having the same problem.

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