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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by calitivo, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Can somebody double check my plan of attack. Currently have a S3 Lifetime and a Humax DRT800 coming off the "1 year included with Lifetime" S3 offer. I am assuming that box will revert to $6.95/month (my previous MSD) cost. I want to get a 2 tuner box to replace the Humax, which I don't don't really use much for recording now that the S3 is in the living room and can get the pay channels.

    If I go with the S2DT, I'd have to deal to either a) buy at retail, deal with the rebate, and sign up for a new service plan, thus killing my $6.95 renewal; b) buy from tivo directly, which would still have a new service plan; or c) buy used and swap out the SSN on the website.

    If I go with Tivo HD, I can record 2 analog channels via regular cable, or I could get a cable box or 2 Cablecards in order to be able to record 2 digital and pay channels. Since there is no rebate here, I can just swap out the SSN's with my Humax.

    So I should either buy a S2DT used or buy a Tivo HD. With the S2DT, I'd want more capacity, so I'd need to get a new drive (via Weakness or others since I don't know how to do that stuff). But with the Tivo HD, I would (eventually, once enabled) be able to plug in a new hard drive into the eSata drive right out of the box.

    In either scenario, I would be able to buy a regular DVD recorder and use Record to VCR to record shows from Tivo. Assuming the Humax goes dead w/o active status.

    Am I off in any assumption I am making. Thanks in advance.
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    If the Humax was on a one year deal you will charged the one year commitment rate which is currently $10.95/mo unless you decide to actually commit again and do so to three years for the $6.95 rate.

    TiVo HD can not use cable box. It's either 2 analog cable/OTA or use cablecards.
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    I will go farther than mick66 and say you will be charged $16.95/mo. Current MSD terms says its not available to existing units on your account. I am guessing that to get the $6.95 rate you would have to commit to a new 3 year term and either first cancel service or negotiate the rate over the phone.

    You can however get the MSD rate on any new box you buy from TiVo.com by logging into your account before you start your purchase. Then the MSD rate will then show up as an option.

    Post back what actually happens.

    Good Luck,
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    You can buy the S2DT retail and forsake the rebate, and be able to switch the TSN on the account.

    But with Cable, I'd get the TiVoHD.

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