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    Nov 5, 2003
    I have another DTV, Hughes SD-DVR40, running version 6.2.

    The disk was baked back in 2014 and it's been working fine until recently.

    This is the one receiver that was affected by that reboot problem. So every night, about 2AM PST, the system reboots while doing the daily upgrade.

    After the receiver reboots, it tries to get the satellite information. This download starts with 9% of the download, then goes to 20%, then to 36%, etc.

    The problem is that the receiver gets stuck at 9%. When I view the receiver in the morning, it's still suck at 9%. I can usually get around this by rebooting the receiver and about 50% of the time, the reboot will get past the download problem.

    However, for the long term, I would like to know what the root cause is. Is this a problem caused by a disk going bad? Or is it because one of the connectors for the input from the satellite going bad? Or is it a software problem?

    If anyone has any insight into a possible root cause, it would be appreciated.

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