DTV Dropping HD?

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by vaughnnaber, Aug 9, 2008.

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    Aug 9, 2008


    I am sure that this is old to most of you but I am new to the forum thing. I have received a few messages from Direct TV that starting immediatly I will be loosing HD channels if I stay with Tivo. There customer suport says that there are no options. They want to force me into thier new HD DVR. I have one of thier DVR's already and it sucks by comparison. What can be done?

    I have also contacted a Comcast cable rep who tells me that there is no way to make a TIVO work with thier system to get HD chanels. He gave me a demo of thier DVR and it is the worst that I have yet seen!

    I love my Tivo and have gone through a few over many years. I am not a high tech guy and dont like to spend much time on this set up type stuff. I work hard and want a good and easy system for the times I get to spend at home. Any suggestions?
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    Nope, you must leave Tivo if you want HD on Directv, as your HR10-250 cannot receive the new mpeg4 signal.

    I've heard Directv's in-house DVR has gotten much better with recent software upgrades. Give it a try.
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    You can also purchase a new TivoHD if you decide to go with Comcast. The Comcast rep kind of mis-informed you unless he was talking about your current Tivos not working with cable HD. There are some problems with the TivoHD and cable. Currently many cable providers are using something called Switched Digital Video (SDV). This allows them to send only the HD channels to your neighborhood that are actually being watched by someone. This means that some HD programming will actually share the same channel number. Currently (or last I looked into it), there is no way for the TivoHD to change the channel on a SDV HD channel. A hardware solution is being worked on however and may have actually become available for some systems by now. Just more food for thought.
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    Mar 12, 2002
    DTV won't let anyone "give it try". A customer has to pay high termination fees if they don't like it, even if they gave it a try and decided they didn't like it after only an hour.

    Cell phone companies generally give you a month to "try it out", some will just charge you for the calls you make and others won't even do that.
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    This part is flat out wrong. You can get a Tivo HD and use Comcast to get HD. You would use cablecards instead of their box.

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