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    I have a series 2 single tuner. We had to get a DTR/DTA so I had to set up IR cables. When you choose a cable box Thompson comes up but does not say it is a DTR/DTA, should I assume it is. I cannot get the channels to change correctly after going through the set up steps. Can anyone give me some tips. Also Tivo said only use one IR...true?

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    There's only one entry for Thomson in the IR database, so that should be it. There are a few DTAs like the Cisco DTA50 that use a different codeset (10014), but the majority use the Thomson/Pace/Motorola/Comcast code (10104).

    See http://support.tivo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1349/kw/dta for the best way to position the IR blaster. Most people say that using the extender cable provided with the DTA and only one of the emitters on the IR blaster cable from TiVo works best.

    One of the members here posted plans for a direct connect cable and also sells them on eBay if you're not an electronic hobbyist. See http://grayeng.net/TiVotoComcast.htm for more info.
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    Are you sure you have the IR cable plugged into the correct port on the Tivo? It's pretty easy and common to plug it into the serial port rather than the IR port.

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