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    After a week on vacation, I've come home to discover that my Hughes DTivo Series 2 (enhanced with a Weaknees second drive) apparently rebooted and is now stuck on "Welcome. Powering Up." I've tried unplugging, waiting and replugging to no avail.

    From whaat I've read in this forum, it appears that one or both of my hard drives may have died on me.

    I would be interested in doing what I can to resurrect the drives, if possible.

    Is there a "how to" guide somewhere that would walk me through what I could do to see if I can fix the problem. Thanks.
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    Fix for the problem = buy a new hard drive, image using tools available from Hinsdale, or buy the image from weaknees.

    Ressurecting the drive will provide at best a temporary fix. It might work a few more days, weeks or even months before taking a dump again. With the fall season just around the corner, not a good time to deal with a drive failure.

    Drives are dirt cheap.

    Or, if you're really want a no brainer, buy a pre-imaged drive from weaknees.

    I have a backup drive already imaged and ready to swap when either of my DTivo's drives go belly up. I'll be down no more than 15 minutes when I have a drive failure.
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    Jan 17, 2006
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    Ya its alot easier than it sounds and now as cheap as hard drives are your can easily double or triple your recording time.

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