DRT800 works with the Digital Stream & Insignia Converter Boxes

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    Let me explain something-

    The digital box doesn't magically give your TiVo the ability to record digital channels off the air.

    The digital converter box is an external tuner that will allow your old TiVo to more or less continue functioning.

    The external box will now work like a cable box, meaning it has to be on the channel the TiVo is recording because the converter box is now your TiVo's signal source. (If you hooked everything up correctly.)

    Go into detail and explain how you connected the converter to your TiVo and how you set the TiVo up to work with it. Until you do that we can't help you.

    By the way-
    You say the TiVo is correctly changing channels on the digital box. You're also saying the TiVo isn't getting any picture or sound from the box.

    From the sounds of things, you set the TiVo properly where CONTROLING the box was concerned, but you did something wrong in setting up the connection between the converter and the TiVo.

    I'm guessing you left the TiVo thinking it'd get a signal on channel 3 thru the antenna cable, but you hooked the box up to the TiVo using the audio/video cables.

    Maybe you did the opposite. Did you hook the box into the TiVo's antenna input, but set the TiVo to look for an audio/video feed from its RCA jacks?

    Again, explain VERY carefully step by step each thing you did. Then we can start sorting this out.
  2. Bugalito

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    Sep 11, 2008
    OK here is what I did:

    1. OTA Antenna IN to Zenith Digital - Analog box
    2. Zenith Digital - Analog box OUT hooked to TIVO in
    3. TIVO OUT to Sony Wega TV
    4. IR blaster attached to either side of front plastic "eye" of Digital - Analog box

    What works:

    1. Can change channels with Digital - Analog remote
    2. Can change channels with TIVO remove
    3. Can view all available channels with ON TIVO
    4. Can view all available digital channels with TIVO off and Digital analog converter box on

    What else is happening

    1. TV is set to channel 3 to receive Digital channels so only use for Sony Wega remote is to turn on TV - I assume this is normal.
    2. Can't record a program using TIVO as before. The functionality has been lost when using the Digital converter box. I used to be able to watch TV by changing channels with my Sony remote and record something totally different in the background with TIVO. For example my husband could watch the football game on channel 13 and TIVO would be recording my episode of CSI Miami on channel 47.

    Right now I have removed the Digital - Analog box and have TIVO set up as before and everything is working fine.

    My husband and I know very little about electronics. I tried using a splitter on the advice of Customer Service at Humax. That was the only thing they suggested. They stated that a fix for this problem was not available at this current time. Since their solution did not work, I thought someone here might have figured out something that would work.

    Thanks for your help.
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    You need to split the antenna before the convertor, to the convertor and the TV (or another convertor for it, of need be).
    I recommend you connect A/V from the converter to the TiVo, instead of RF.

    The converter is much like a cable or satellite box, in that it can output one channel at a time. Since it outputs only one channel, you cannot change to other channels on the TV tuner.
  4. Bugalito

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    Sep 11, 2008
    Thanks, I will give it a try and let you know if it worked.

    To recap....

    Split antenna before converter then...
    1. TV out (via RF cable) to TV in
    2. Converter in (via RF)
    3. Converter out (via yellow, red and white tri cable)
    4. Yellow, red and white cable to TIVO in


    Thanks for your help!
  5. Bugalito

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    Sep 11, 2008
    Thank you so much classicat. Your solution WORKED. I also took your suggestion and hooked up an additional RCA converter box going into the TV so now I can get digital channels on the TV as well as with TIVO. Now the TIVo records in the background while we watch TV on another channel.
  6. hackhead

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    Jan 1, 2007

    if it's needed I found a posting with the script with the Digital Stream 9950 IR codes in it.

    The script maps the IR codes on top of those of a Zigwell cable tuner.

    see thread 309507 at the DDB site.

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