Dr. Who on Sci-Fi Channel in March

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    DianaMo Cubs fan

    Oct 22, 2003


    Check out the photo for the MacGyver - Season 2 episode- "The Human Factor"
    (bottom right of page unless something changes)


    Does that look like a Dalek to you?

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    edc Active Member

    Mar 24, 2002
    It sort of looks like a Dalek, but not overly so. The title of the episode "The Human Factor" is perhaps the most "Doctor Who-ish" thing about the thumbnails :)

    The irony of your comment is that Terry Nation, the man who created the Daleks, was a producer and writer on the first two seasons of MacGyver.
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    DianaMo Cubs fan

    Oct 22, 2003
    And of course, the Doctor had a sonic screwdriver, MacGyver just has a swiss army knife, right?

    And both would usually discard weapons when given the chance.

    DW had K9, and I think MacGyver had a dog in one episode.

    Both drove convertables for a bit and both lived in vehicles (MacGyver in a houseboat, DW in a Tardis).

    Did both charactors have pretty much the same job description?
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    Now that the series 1 has been aired, I am glad I didn't go order the set. I was not that impressed, aside from the extreme cuteness of Billie Piper.

    I did however notice that the S1 set is due July 4th here for $70 USD. So anyone who wants it, and didnt record all the eps off Scifi can get it.


    I really wanted to like the show but the cheesy stuff just overwhelmed everything else. I guess I wasnt cut out to be a Doctor Who fan. :/
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    I am probably one of the few people here that wasn't overwhelmed by the old series. Sure I liked it, but I was a kid. Later as an adult I saw a few episodes and aside from some nostalgia they really didn't hold my attention. Now, the new series is really good and even hooked my wife who isn't a fan of any british based show. She just doesn't get much of the humor, though she is quite intelligent. She prefers slapstick. :eek:

    For me this new series makes me want to catch all those earlier shows however cheesy they may be. Will I pay for a DVD set? Likely not, unless it hits the bargain bin. My days of paying more than 50.00 for a DVD set are over. I still can't believe I paid for the first two seasons of Next Generation. :eek:

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