DR Who - BBCA - 6/11/11 **SPOILERS**

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    What, no thread yet? Well, while not one of their greatest episodes the reveal about River Song being Amy Pond's daughter was pretty good. For a while when the Dr says that the cradle what his (they called it something else - a British term, but I forgot it) I was thinking that maybe River was the Dr's mother but then I thought that would be too wierd! When the Dr goes away and we still don't know what River meant I was yelling at the screen that they better tell us before they fade to black. And they did.


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    There is a thread, it was started last week over in UK General Chit Chat, because many watched it via alternative means. ;)


    Remember what Idris said to Rory, back in the episode "The Doctor's Wife"? "The only water in the forest is the River"

    People's memory isn't exact, like a computer, we store things as associative patterns, so through time the exact words can be lost, leaving us to use words that more match our patterns, for instance: A Song usually contains a Melody, and a Pond contains water, so does a River.
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    Heh, my brain followed the same pattern ("River is the Doctor's mom? Huh? :confused:) before the big reveal, which then made total sense. Also, the term you're looking for is "cot."

    I totally called that. :D
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    I don't think Rory is going to allow hugs anymore...
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    My impression was that it was still the Doctor's cradle, but that it was then re-used at some point in time for River.
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    That was how I understood it, too.

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