Down size Tivo Elit drive to SSD

Discussion in 'TiVo Underground' started by Pat_2018, Nov 4, 2018.

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    Has anyone successfully copy new Tivo Elit image to SSD 500gb? If so which brand? Can I use DVRBARS to accomplish this? Essentially I am downgrading 2TB to 500gb, if SSD won’t work, will it work with regular WD drive? We don’t record much, 1TB will probably be plenty big for us.
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    You cannot go any smaller than the size of the original size. If you don't record much, the larger size is more benefit as it will not delete as often. You would just remove any passes that you are not interested any more, or not being broadcasted.
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    An SSD would work.. but its life will be short as its life is set by write limits. And your TIVO is writing most/all the time. When it quits recording and you can only view recordings, your SSD is done and dead. Most SSD die when the write limit/life has been reached. but you should still be able to view the data on it. I suggest that you keep the 2g and call it a day.
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    TiVO's and other DVRs already use specialized HDD models to handle continuous writes of large video data segments. As others have and will point out, SSDs just won't cut the write requirements with units that do live buffering (like TiVO's). This may change over time, but as I suspect, even the Amazon OTA DVR coming out will likely be using smaller hdds in their box, or they may have something up their sleeve (or maybe they won't handle live buffering?).

    Bottom line, if you got some money to burn and want to give it a try, I'd say go for it, but you will want to do some additional searches and research on this as there are a couple of articles on this...even some from a year ago (as linked below).

    Using SSDs in DVRs - in Koherence
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