does youtube work for anyone?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by gteague, Jan 27, 2012.

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    ... or is it just me? i refer to the fact that after signing into tivo youtube app it doesn't display any of my favorites, playlists, or subscriptions.

    but that's not quite accurate--it displays a handful, from 3-4 years ago!

    my guess is that's it's stuck on the old original youtube id and even though i'm logging in with the google credentials, it's not picking up any of the changes i made using that id, even though i've been using that new id for nearly two years and i've gone through two tivos since then.

    i've tried to job it by logging off and on again both from the tivo and from my web-based you tube account and trying to add favorites while i had the app open in tivo, but nothing seems to help--my playlists are stuck in time warp. it is very annoying and makes youtube essentially useless on the tivo platform.

    and, as i write this, i realize it might be as simple as calling tivo support and having them wipe the youtube info from their end and let me start from scratch.


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