Doctor Who "A Good Man Goes to War" June 11, 2011 BBC America

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    Doctor Who "A Good Man Goes to War"
    June 11, 2011
    BBC America

    If you missed it, this episode does re-air this week.

    BBC America page for this episode.


    Reminders/ Spoilers here: page for this episode

    Reminders/ Spoilers for the next episode. (I think it airs in September 2011)

    Doctor Who Confidentials (check for new episodes)

    If you missed an episode, here is the tv schedule for current and re-run episodes:

    Also check On Demand and On Demand HD if your cable guys offer this.
    (Some shows that are missing in HD are available in non-HD.)

    Doctor Who specials include:

    Doctor Who Rewind
    Doctor Who in America
    Check tv listings and On Demand if you missed tonight's shows.

    No new Doctor Who til summer, what will you do?

    (General Doctor Who discussion)

    Doctor Who "A Good Man Goes to War" UK 4 June 11

    DR Who - BBCA - 6/11/11 **SPOILERS**

    Discussions regarding the previous episodes:

    Doctor Who "The Rebel Flesh" May 21, 2011

    Doctor Who "The Almost People" 6/4/2011

    Doctor Who "The Doctor's Wife" May 14, 2011

    So, what did you think of this episode ?

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