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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by Epp, Apr 23, 2021.

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    On my Premiere, I set the two TV stations that I want to be present on those tuners when I wake up the next morning. Nothing is being recorded overnight so there should be no reason for the tuners to change. Next morning, the tuners are not set to the stations from the night before and nothing was recorded overnight. Should they be?
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    Check "Suggestions" and Recording History.

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    Really old TiVos (the dial-up ones) would change their channel overnight because guide data updates would get provided as side band content in specific channel's overnight broadcast (and so picking it up there let TiVo economize on the expenses of their dial in modem banks. But I thought that went away once the network connected TiVos came out (so, long before your Premiere).

    Still, the workaround people came up with should still work. If they wanted to be sure the TiVo to be tuned to, say, channel 4 when they turned the TV on in the morning around 6am they'd set a recurring 5 minute long manual recording on that channel for a little before 6; which would force the TiVo to tune to that channel (If it wasn't already).
    (And if you set that recording to keep at most 1 it's not going to take up much space as even if you don't clear it out the next day's recording will simply replace the previous one)
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    Another complicating factor can be Emergency Alert tests, which often happen at night and can force the tuners to specific channels based on how your provider implements the system.

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