Do I need a MOCA adapter on FIOS

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by zukdj, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. zukdj

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    Apr 24, 2012


    I am currently on the FIOS network using their DVR's however I am dumping them for TIVO. I'm sick of paying $44 per month for service and rental of 2 boxes. I currently have a Roamio Lifetime I am going to use and I want to add a Mini as well for our bedroom to keep the whole house experience. I have 2 wifi extenders (provided by FIOS) currently connected on MOCA (COAX). Can I simply just hook up the Roamio and the Mini directly to the COAX where I am removing the FIOS cable boxes or do I need to add MOCA adapters? I plan on renting a cable card for the Roamio. I'm hoping I can just screw the COAX onto the new hardware and go. Also, can one be hooked to Ethernet and another on COAX and still be able to communicate between each other? New to all of this and trying to figure out if its worth the hassle or is it just a simple connect and go scenario.
  2. zukdj

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    Apr 24, 2012
    One other question that just hit me, I am told I don't need a MoCA adapter for FIOS because the network is already MoCA enabled, I assume this is true since I am using extenders. Do I use just the COAX or do I have to provide ethernet as well to the TIVO Roamio for it to work? I am under the assumption that it is already providing an IP over COAX so adding a ethernet connection may be redundant and end up causing issues?
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    You are currently getting MOCA from your FiOS router, if you remove that router, you will need to set up the Roamio to provide MOCA services and setup a new WiFi device and network.
    If you keep the FiOS router, you would keep MOCA and WiFi configured there and configure your COAX connected Tivo devices as MOCA clients.
    If you setup your Roamio as a COAX - Ethernet gateway, you could use either COAX or Ethernet for your Mini. The Roamio will need to have both COAX and Ethernet available for this to work.
    So it really depends on what your plan is for your FiOS equipment as to how MOCA would be setup.
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    Apr 19, 2017
    Note that a Roamio 4-tuner does not have built in MoCA.
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    BTW, correct me if I'm wrong here ...

    But for the 1 gps FiOS internet service, while the FiOS router for that service also has MoCA D band capability built-in. The ONT doesn't use the 1000 MHz C4 MoCA channel over coax to connect to it like the earlier 10/100 fast ethernet service tiers did.

    But requires a direct ethernet cable connection from the ONT to the WAN port on the router?

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  6. snerd

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    You can mix MoCA and ethernet in any way you want.

    If your Roamio is a 4-tuner model, it will not have MoCA built in. You will either need a MoCA adapter or use an ethernet connection.

    Use TiVo menus to configure devices as MoCA clients.
  7. mcf57

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    Oct 19, 2012
    the REAL question here is will you even be able to get a cable card for your TiVO to begin with. Since the FCC no longer requires cable companies to support cable cards, I'm reading getting one from various providers is not easy. They are supporting existing cable cards, but are not issuing new ones. Maybe not for Verizon though.
  8. Sonyad

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    Sep 2, 2014
    FIOS is still supporting cable cards.

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