Do HD's just need to reboot now and then?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by dlfl, Oct 4, 2009.

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    Jan 2, 2004


    I have two THDs as well - one in the main room with lots of activity and is fine -- the other is upstairs in bedroom with far less activity and had some gray screen issues and still needs a reboot every now and then. I think it is just some boxes have QA issues. We would need a lot of data here to track it down to production runs and so forth but my speculation is certain production runs just had issues.

    PS - the one in the bedroom I recieved from bonus points at work. Likely it is a refurb.
  2. cmn

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    Jan 6, 2011
    I've had the same probably recently with the unit constantly rebooting. They told me the same story about the signal being too strong at 100%. I added attenuators to reduce the signal strength. I noticed on my Premiere units, the signal strength dropped to 93%, but the TivoHD responded strangely. Without the cable card, it registered a similar signal strength, but with the cable card inserted, the signal strength jumped to 100%. I'm not sure if this is a bug with the unit.

    Anyways, after calling Tivo over a three day period complaining about the reboots, they agreed to let me buy a Tivo Premiere for $299 and transfer the lifetime subscription. The unit was still covered under the 1 year warranty, but beyond the initial 90 days. I'm not crying since I picked up this unit at BlockBuster when they were clearing out the units for $99.

    Of course after I complete the transaction, I tried one final reboot and the Tivo decides it wants to run through the Guided Setup. I complete the process and guess what, the unit stopped rebooting. It has been running 3 days without a reboot.

    The Tivo Premiere is scheduled to arrive today, but now I'm having second thoughts about setting it up.
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    I feel your pain. I got a refurb Premiere through the $70 woot deal but I haven't subscribed it yet. Maybe when it becomes "fully functional". :p

    However you have a lifetime transfer deal in play. Is there a time limit on the transfer deal?
  4. flipwils11

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    Jan 30, 2011
    Update: The Tivo hasn't rebooted now in over 24 hours but Tivo is sending us another refurbed HD to try out.

    Thanks for all the comments and understanding. Strangely they never asked us about the signal strength but I can verify that on my own and see what numbers we're getting.

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