Do any Satellite companies work with Tivo Series 2

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by LabsRule, Mar 20, 2011.

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    I, like many I am sure, am fed up with my current cable company (Comcast) and would like to try satellite services. I almost hooked up with Directv, but I was told it would not work with Series 2 Tivo.

    Even with Comcast, I have to use a very old style box to be able to plug in the Tivo. Is there anyone out there with a Series 2 and Satellite, and if so, which company?

    Thank you.

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    Using the IR blaster that came with the S2, I never had any issues in controlling both RCA & Hughes boxes, those were over five years ago, TiVo might not have codes for the newer boxes. As the older boxes were owned by the subscriber, you might have joy scouring the thrift / charity shops for some.
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    The Series 2s work with pay satellite providers that provide a channel list, and have a box with A/V out and IR control.

    In the USA, that would be DirecTV and Dishnetwork. In Canada, it would be Bell/Telus satellite (ExpressVu), and Shaw Direct (formerly Star Choice). I use my TiVo with Shaw Direct, and don't really know it.
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    No, you don't. ANY Comcast box that isn't already a DVR will work with any S2.

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